Happy protagonists... what kind of Shojo manga is this?!?H

Another month and another Chapter of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card and I’m a little surprised but that wait wasn’t the hardest thing in the world to deal with. Interestingly as we continue with the manga one thing that stood out was how as I meantioned last month that nothing much has changed. In many ways the Clear Card arc feels more like the original then the filler arcs in the anime. This is a CLAMP production through and through and I can’t be happier about it.

If you want to read my Impressions from last month check it out below. Also a little bit of housekeeping this article series will henceforth be on the first Tuesday (I know today is Wednesday) of every month, if the chapter has not been released it moves to the second Tuesday of every month. Meaning next posting will be either the 2nd or the 9th.

Following last months cliffhanger within Sakura’s dreamscape where the mysterious hooded figure disrupted the Star Clow Cards. This chapter opens with a surprising figure, Yukito back at Eriols mansion. Seemingly following the past nights events Sakura is talking with her longtime friend.


Yue is not impressed

However less subtle then Sakura Kero-chan blurts out there is trouble abound, forcing out Yukito’s other half. Yue the Moon, the second Guardian of the Clow Cards who was noticeably absent (at least by me) from the previous chapter. Explaining her dream Sakura is scared by the new status of her Star Cards. As just like her dream the Cards have become clear and Yue mentions free of magic.

This is surprising as Sakura every agrees retains her powers along with the ability to release the Star Wand. Since the events of the previous arc all the Clow Cards have been changed to Star Cards and bound to Sakura. Which raises the question what is powerful enough to untangle the magic of one of the strongest mages in existence from her charges? What is even more omonous is that Yue once of the most sensitive to magic effects can’t sense any issues, despite the fact even Clow Reeds (a virtual magic god in the CLAMPverse) own partial reincarnation couldn’t manage that feat for an extended period of time.


Dude looks like a lady

The conversation with Yue is cut short as Kiro-chan ends the discussion early pointing out the fact the Yukito has to go to college. Sakura requests that her problems be kept from them, however Yue counsels her to let him know. As he can provide sage advice, Sakura decides secrecy is the optimal course of action for now especially as she recently regained Syaoran’s advice.

Interestingly this scene shows something I missed on first reading. Despite all her friends and even her soulmate being back, the person she first decides to confide in is Yue. This shows a bond that was hinted at in the final chapters of the original series but never explicitly said, it seems Yue does indeed finally love (in a sisterly sense) his master and Sakura considers Yue’s judgement on these matters to be quite important - something the previous Master of the Clow Cards shared.


The natural state of all of them

As the chapter moves on to its second setting Sakura is recounting her dream to Madd... Tomoyo (damn it keep doing that) and Syaoran while asking for advice. Both are stumped by the issues facing Sakura and the Cards. His advice is to get into contact with Clow Reeds Reincarnation Erriol in England.

In real life people sparkle like that all the time...


Meanwhile Tomoyo is in her dreamland overjoyed the adventures involving the Cardcaptors will resume once more. As it means she can dress Sakura up like a doll again with the stockpile of outfits she’s made for the occasion. However as Sakura moves away to class Syaoran ask’s Tomoyo if that was all an act to keep Sakura from feeling sadder then she already was. Tomoyo responds cryptically. However considering how much Syaoran and Tomoyo understand each other due to their mutual love of Sakura, it’s pretty safe to assume he was correct.

As the chapter moves onto its final scenes Sakura is at school with some classmates from her past. There they tease her that Syaoran is in trouble as he’s in the same class as Yamazaki and Naoto (not going to lie totally did not remember their names off the top of my head) and despite being a smart guy is kinda clueless and naive. Traits the two of them prey on mercilessly.

Wind, rain, shadow, wood, Cardcaptors of the Clow expect the unexpected now!


Anyways after the event filled introductory episode this settled into the pace I expect will be more common, especially early going. Adding what I think a lot of fans were most excited for the interactions between old friends. I’m not going to lie the moment I saw Yukito, I just smiled as I new it meant Yue and CLAMP did not disappoint.

I’m not sure what the end goal is or even if the masked figure is a villain by this point however I’m intrigued to say the least. Alongside the final pages with the Dragon-thingy I have no idea what to expect next, however needless to say I can’t wait.

Seriously Shenlong, that you? Is this the ending to X/1999 we all have been waiting for? No... okay damn it.