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Canadian Crunchyroll Free Users are About to Lose the Entire Catalogue

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The plunging Canadian dollar is likely to blame.

Crunchyroll stated the follow today:

As of February 1, 2016 (for Canadian users), catalog titles will be available exclusively to Premium subscribers. As a free user, you will still have access to all currently airing titles, so you’ll have plenty of time to stay up to date on the newest anime. Each new episode of a currently airing title will be available for a 13-week period, after which it will be available to Premium subscribers only.


This means that Canadians who don’t pay for a premium Crunchyroll membership will lose access to every single anime that’s not currently airing.

As some of you might know, the Canadian dollar is rapidly losing its value, and for Crunchyroll that simply means that they (and any other American company that charges Canadians in CAD) are making less from these customers every day. Crunchyroll charges Canadians $59.95 CAD for a membership. A couple years ago when $1 CAD = $1 USD, this wasn’t much of a problem for them, but that’s changed now that $1 CAD = $0.688 USD, or in other words only $41.2 USD is made from every Canadian subscriber. This loss in customer value has likely hindered profits made from these users, so it only makes sense to cut out the infrastructure that entices them to sign up in the first place.


Here’s Crunchyroll’s message:

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