Illustration for article titled By Request: Raitzenos Guide to 2014-2015 Anime (Cliff Notes Version)


Winter ‘14: Engaged to the Unknown, Nobunagun, SYD2

Spring ‘14: Baby Steps, Haikyuu, Kawai Complex, Chaika, NGNL, Nanana’s Buried Treasure


Summer ‘14: Barakamon, Nozaki, Sabagebu, Hanayamata

Fall ‘14: Amagi Brilliant Park, FSN:UBW, Your Lie In April, Gonna Be the Twintail, Trinity 7, Chaika 2, 7 Deadly Sins, Yowapedal (Holy shit that was a good season, huh? And I even skipped a few other good ones.)


Winter ‘15: Assassin Classroom, Dog Days 3 (if you’ve watched the rest), Yatterman, Yuri Kuma Arashi

Spring 15: Arslan, Baby Steps 2, UBW 2, Kekkai Sensen, Ore Monogatari, SNAFU 2

Summer ‘15: GATE, Overlord, MonMusu, Working 3, Symphogear 3

Fall ‘15, aka right the fuck now: One Punch Man, Haikyuu 2, One Punch Man, Noragami Aragoto, One Punch Man, Chvalry of a Failed Knight, One Punch Man


[11:25:50 PM] Gugsy: This is really efficient I like this :D
[11:30:06 PM] Gugsy: You could easily make this a Raitzeno review
[11:34:07 PM] Gugsy: Again, this could easily be a Raitzeno Guide for 2014-2015 if you wanted
[11:35:35 PM] Gugsy: I don’t see enough One Punch Man
[11:35:38 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): i agree
[11:35:46 PM] Raitzeno (Dan B.): but there is no such thing as enough One Punch Man
[11:36:08 PM] Gugsy: There can never be enough. It is only one punch :D

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