Illustration for article titled BREAKNUNG NEWSgt; This Years Tournament Arc Has Been Canceled Due to COVID-91, Officiels Say


It was an expected result, but people were still devastated to learn that this year’s tournament arc was canceled. In a time honored tradition, aspiring angsty teenagers gathered to shout at one another and spend roughly 44 minutes fighting one another for the amusement of grown ass men pirating streaming from home.


“We had to consider the safety of all of our shounen protagonists,” Deputy Guy in Charge of Special Decision Making and Shit Like That Gary Busey told VICE. “If one of them got sick, it would be hell for us.”

“It was an easy decision,” wrote Chairman Cherry Chairsmith. “The NCAA is far more exploitative of their students they use for sport, so we figured we couldn’t ‘one-up’ them on this matter.”


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