In a stunning reversal, Nisekoi writer Naoshi Komi was filled with tears as he gathered himself in front of a room of literally dozens of writers.


“When I decided Chitoge was the right answer” Komi confesses, “I had no idea what I was thinking. Obviously Kosaki was the correct decision.”

This is not the first time a writer has walked back their decision on an ending, previously this year famed writer of  The Hungry Little Caterpillar Eric Carle told the New York Times that he will be reprinting editions of the book where the Little Caterpillar (also known by stans as “my hungry little boi”) does not actually turn into a beautiful butterfly, citing that “The world does not work that way... (The Hungry Little Caterpillar) must learn to survive on his own with his own abilities. He learns this when wasps plant their larva into the cocoon of his dear friend, Fredrick.”

We live in a brave new world for writing. Max Butwind on next with the weather.

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