I won’t bother with putting images in this post, as all that matters are facts. Facts that say the truth. And the factual truth is that Stormburns, the Conspirator has come out of hiding to strike again in full force.

Predictably, he chose the anniversary of his initial attempt as the “X-Day” for his second. This time however, he has recruited and brainwashed some of our beloved authors to help in his dastardly plan.

“You’re crazy, bud. I’m not evil, I just like to snort sugar. SUGAR IS LIFE. Eat Jolly Ranchers, Laffy Taffy sux,” Mr. Burns said when I contacted him. And by contacted him, I mean that I took off my tinfoil hat and thought it so that his spying brainwave scanners picked it up, and then he sent me a message saying the stated message.

Make sure to follow me, your truth-focused AniTAY Reporter, in the comments section today. I will be providing key insight, advice, and instructions on what to do to stop this madness.