Breaking: Lawsuit Aftermath + Kotaku Acquisition Details

As many of you are aware, our parent site Gawker recently lost a rather large lawsuit against Hulk Hogan over its refusal to take down a sex tape of him even after a court order. The judgment came down for a ridiculous mount of money compared to the site’s actual worth, and many of us have been left wondering exactly what’s going to happen to Gawker and its sub-blogs.

However, some of that wondering ends today. An inside source has leaked a few of the more interesting decisions to Ani-TAY, and they’re honestly somewhat baffling. Jalopnik is being sold to GM Motors. io9 is being absorbed into Gizmodo, allegedly because science fiction is becoming science fact on a daily basis. Jezebel is going independent, changing up some logos and becoming a self-run blog, free from much of the seeming hypocrisy created when completely counter-message articles ran simultaneously on the main Gawker site. The Gawker Media company itself is purported to be drawing up a plan to select a new chief scapegoat editor, with both current staff and sub-blog admins having a chance at the position in some sort of journalistic flavor of gladiatorial combat; the details on that are top-secret even to our insider source.


But perhaps the strangest happenings are going on at Kotaku. The section previously known as Kotaku East is taking over entirely, le by the admins of a subblog’s spinoff. What initially began as a group fundraising campaign to share a large hotel room for a convention quickly spiraled out of control when the group took to a few crowdfunding sites to cover a last-minute extra person. The members of Ani-TAY rather suddenly found themselves with an exorbitant surplus of cash. It turns out they raised enough to cover a significant amount of Gawker’s punitive damages, and have entered into negotiations to buy out Kotaku entirely.

Having spoken to several members of Ani-TAY, it seems that several changes are planned for Kotaku as a result of this takeover:

  • Dexomega will effectively become the primary editor for Kotaku, while MementoMorie handles most of the administrative duties; this runs counter to their expected titles
  • MementoMorie is also spearheading negotiations with Jezebel to collaborate and crosspost on equality in both anime and video games
  • Most current Kotaku authors will continue their work, albeit at slightly reduced payrates, but some have chosen to seek new opportunities, leaving enough budget open to hire a few select authors from Ani-TAY as part-time regulars
  • Several members are reported to be working on new theme music for the site, mainly anime covers played by Kinksy and sung (poorly) by randomly-chosen Ani-TAY authors, which will play on loop in the site’s background; Protonstorm has been desperately campaigning to replace this with Babymetal instead
  • Stanlick is supposedly drafting up a few proposals for Food Network involving livestreams through Kotaku of both Iron Chef, now judged by himself with a Souma mask, and an annual Loser’s Tournament for the Worst Cooks in America program, wherein participants who have been sent home get one last shot at getting back in, with Raitzeno as the ‘final boss’
  • InternetKrakken has been drafting up the new mission statement for the blog, tentatively titled ‘The Baka Guide to Reviewing Games and Anime’
  • Nomadic Dec is apparently being hired as a full Kotaku author, and will be in charge of all Pokemon-related coverage
  • The tag ‘Kotaku East’ will obviously be phased out, as the site will have approximately equal focus on western and eastern media, including a surge in anime news coverage and reviews
  • The sub-blog Talk Amongst yourselves will be largely unaffected by the Ani-Kotaku takeover, though admin GiantBoyDetective is considered a dark horse for Gawker’s new primary patsy position
  • The Biggest in the East is expected to be downsized (...? No word on what exactly our source means by this.)

All in all, this is a very exciting time for Kotaku and Ani-TAY. We’re very much looking forward to these changes, and expect an official announcement as early as tomorrow, April 2nd. We’ll continue bringing you updates on this development as new facts appear.

(Except we won’t, because sadly April Fool’s Day only lasts 24 hours.)

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