Welcome back and as always thanks for reading. This is the place where I comment weekly... well whenever something special comes out, on the latest chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s sequel manga Naruto Gaiden... or Boruto as the case may be. As always (even though on this one it’s kinda pointless) for those who missed my past write ups you can find Chapter 10 here and Chapter 9 here. Anyways with Boruto: Naruto the Movie tearing up old records across the Pacific in Japan a special chapter of Naruto came out. Thankfully unlike the Boruto: One Shot from a few weeks ago this was actually a really fun read and gave me enough incentive to write one more of these. So probably for the last time lets return to the wild world of Naruto!

Reading this I got to say it was a lot of fun to come back to Naruto and the amazing thing was the lighthearted setting was really a good change of pace. Without spoiling too much (yet) the special chapter really gave a lot of insight into a Naruto that we didn’t really see from The Last: Naruto the Movie or Naruto Gaiden where this chapter is nicely snuggled in between. Indeed it was a lot of fun to see the interactions of a young Uzumaki family when they were something you’d expect from a sitcom rather then the family depicted in Gaiden and Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Regardless moving on to the actual manga section of the manga recap we start they way most days do in bed. Here we find our future Hokage being the man we kinda all know and love and being well... kinda lazy and sleeping in on this important day. Himawari Naruto’s young daughter who we haven’t seen much of in other media adorably try’s to wake her sleeping father. Boruto being the brat he is calls her out on this electing to try a more hands on approach by body slamming Naruto.


Following this we learn the challenge facing Naruto on this very important day is... his embroidery isn’t yet done. Apparently all the Haori’s the Hokage wear are embroidered by a very elderly and meticulous woman who will most likely not give up her job until her hands are cold and dead. Hey at least the quality will be good. That being said she does have a history of being late with delivery as Kakashi’s own Haori was not done in time for his ceremony either. Hinata deciding to take issues into her own hands moves out to retrieve the Haori for Naruto leaving him with the simple instructions to leave with the kids at the appropriate time.

Already late for his own inauguration Naruto finally decides to leave. However Boruto and Himawari have decided to have a sibling spat involving a cuddly Teddy Bear which Himawari wishes to carry but Boruto knowing he’ll be stuck with it later would rather just stay at home. Leading to exactly the conclusion everyone expected the Teddy Bear is destroyed leading to a distraught Himawari unleashing her Byakugan eyes for the first time. Himawari now in full on Yandere mode decides to punish Boruto for his behavior. Naruto jumps in the way after seeing the situation and is immediately taken out by Himawari by way of Chakra Point impaction.


Back at the inauguration ceremony with everyone looking on including Sakura, a little Sarada, and an older Iruka being front and center Naruto remains MIA. Deciding drastic times calls for drastic measures Konohamaru takes Naruto’s place using the Transformation Jutsu and accepts the title of Hokage on Naruto’s own behalf even if his impression could use a little bit of work... okay a lot of work. Back at home Hinata has discovered the unconscious Naruto wondering who could have done this to a Ninja demi-god such as Naruto; while Boruto is scared silly of the person who one shotted his Ninja demi-god father... his little sister now armed with the ability to see through walls right where he is hiding.


I must say although the tone was very different from the later chapters of Naruto and the more emotional if less tense Gaiden this special was a really fun read all around. From the glimpse into Naruto and Hinata’s daily life to the relatively normal sibling relationship Boruto and Himawari share it’s really hard not to at least smile a little bit. Furthermore it actually answered a question long time fans of the series had of does Himawari have the Byakugan due to her similarities to her mother? Overall the chapter has absolutely no baring on the story of what comes after but it does its job of entertaining fans quite well I’d argue. Furthermore its origin as an entrance gift for early viewers of Boruto: Naruto the Movie really outs the chapter as little more then a humorous fanservice. As a long time fan I got to say I’ve been well served.