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Boruto Storyboards Leaked

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TOKYO, JAPAN: In an unprecedented occurrance for the tight-lipped anime industry, storyboards for the next two hundred episodes of Boruto have leaked onto the internet.


“I was just wandering around on the internet when suddenly they were there,” said area man Aho Johnson.

And there they were indeed. Contained within the documents were plans for the next two hundred episodes of Boruto, the sequel to the Naruto series that follows Naruto’s son, Boruto.


“As you can see, approximately two hundred of the two hundred episodes are filler,” said Mr. Johnson.

This was slightly incorrect, as it was not an approximate number.

“Honestly, I’ve been tired of the whole “actual cohesive story” thing for a while,” Johnson explained, “So really this is a bit of a relief.”


Indeed, Studio Pierrot, the creator of the series, seems to know their goals and audience.

“I like money,” director Hiroyuki Yamashita said when asked for his reasoning behind the filler. “In today’s industry, making minimal-effort story decreases cost, and the fans are so dead inside by this point that they really don’t care.”


“It’s true,” sobbed Aho Johnson. “I’m dead inside.”

Johnson is not alone. In Google’s analytical analysis, they found some stunning results.


“As you can see from here,” a Google employee explained, pointing to a table, “The top Google search in the browsers of people who have watched all 500 episodes of Shippuden is the term “LET IT END”, followed by “where does naruto author live” and “does life have meaning”.

A top Naruto fan sight, “NARUTO4LYFE” had recently began prophesying the end of days. “When the original manga ended, we thought it was only a matter of time before the world would end as well,” site founder NarutoxSasuke112 told me via email. “As you can see, it looks like our suffering will continue for an undisclosed amount of time.”


I asked fans of the equally popular series One Piece for a comment, but the only response I could get was shrill laughter followed by horrifying gurgling noises.

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