A little bit late on this one again considering Chapter 8 is likely just around the corner in a few days but such is life. Anyways as we continue to slide towards the gradual conclusion of Boruto: Naruto the Movie the Manga as I like to call it, something I thought would be five chapters has now slipped to eight and perhaps as many as nine. However this reverse adaptation has been slowly getting better, so here is hoping when the new material begins it begins with a bang!

One thing is for sure though after last weeks rather slow set up of an chapter this one opens up with a quick succession of events. As the the Four Kage engage Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, Boruto and Sasuke free Naruto after the Hokage’s torture at the hands of the Moon Clan members.

One early issue I had with the series was how static the movements looked. While Kishimoto was a master of infusing movement in his fight scenes this manga was just lacking it looking more like action tableau’s then actual fight scenes. While not at Kishimoto’s level quite yet this issue is becoming less and less each chapter. The Kage themselves seem to have action in them a far cry from the uninspired fight of Sasuke vs the Ōtsutsuki’s early in the series. Even the paneling of the manga is taking on a better look with more variety in page layout making the manga easier on the eyes as a whole.


After saving Naruto Sasuke moves quickly off to join the fight leaving the father and son a moment. Seeing Boruto in his old jacket from all the way back in Part One of the Naruto manga and anime Naruto remarks its almost as if he’s looking at one of his own Kage Bushin. Boruto being a little thick headed says “oh I thought I looked a little cool” (he doesn’t the orange jumpsuit isn’t a great look) Naruto laughs and agrees he does. Finally putting an end to the disappointed father subplot started during the battle sections of the Chūnin Exams.

A nice scene and kind of funny moment occurs following this. Boruto asks to instead of be lectured for Naruto to just tell him his stories. Naruto responds “well I warn you my stories are a little long”, as a reader we know about 700 chapters or about 14,000 manga pages worth. Also holy shit, I read 14,000 pages of this!


With the loving reunion past us the focus of the chapter turns to the fight against the two Ōtsutsuki’s. Kinshiki is first up against the Mizukage, the Tsuchikage, and Sasuke. While seemingly able to hold his own he’s quickly overshadowed by the three powerful Shinobi’s techniques. Both Kage showing in the time since the manga’s end they really earned their new roles. Causing Sasuke to switch his focus too Momoshiki.

While Momokishi’s Rinnegan has the power to absorb and fire Jutsu back at their caster much like on of the Six Paths of Pain earlier on. It provides a glaring flaw the intelligent Kage such as the Kazekage, Raikage, and Sasuke quickly pick up on. He can run out of power and as long as they don’t give him any more they can just wail on him until he’s dead.


With his back against the wall in classic Shonen manga style Momoshiki betrays his companion. Revealing a new power of his Rinnegan the elder Ōtsutsuki turns his brother into what looks like a Chakra Fruit. In a scene once again right out of Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might Momoshiki devours his companion powering up to his final form. Taking on a much more powerful looking form setting up the final battle with Sasuke and the Five Kage. Oh ya Boruto is there too... I’m sure he’ll use a Rasengan or something this is a Naruto movie...

With that chapter seven comes to a close and it did live up to its name “Clash”. As the most action heavy entry in the series yet the flow of the chapter was much better, it almost felt breezy of how light it was. While still missing something of what made Naruto magical its improved art work and fight scenes did help push Clash near the top of the list of chapters for this series.