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We’re back! While this chapter kind of got lost with some weird scheduling issues I’ve finally found time to return to the wild world of Boruto: Naruto the Movie The Manga! After last months gigantic cliffhanger things are promising to start picking up quickly as we finally blissfully inch ever closer to the closing of the movie arc. Anyways lets move on to the meat of things with Chapter 6 “Loser”.

Sorry I needed to put the rest of this Opening art up it’s pretty awesome actually.

Opening where the previous chapter left off Momoshiki has launched his death ball towards the Chūnin Exam stadium. Using his borrowed power from Sasuke Naruto materializes Kurama and attempts to push the massive blast away. Boruto safely out of the line of fire with Sasuke asks why his dad can’t just blow it away himself.

Sasuke explains while Naruto could easily deflect the blast with a Tailed Beast Bomb or something of equal strength doing so would be pointless. As Naruto’s blast would be so powerful it would blast everyone in the village away along with his enemies attack. In short Naruto must put his own body in danger to protect the village from Momoshiki.

Kurama used Roar!

As Boruto watches his father face down unimaginable danger without flinching he recalls Sasuke’s words. How Naruto was a dropout, a loser, however through strength of will he was able to overcome it all to achieve his dream of becoming Hokage. For the first time he realizes how amazing his father is and that Boruto the Brat must look back to where his father has been to find his own path.


Following the fight Boruto wakes up in a hospital bed, injured but not gravely so. The same can’t be said for his mother Hinata who in the process of attempting to stop the Moon Race from taking Naruto was injured. Once again showing despite the passage of time, Hinata will not hesitate to put herself into harms way for the man she loves - much like how she fought Pain in another futile battle.

Finally he’s realizing what a dick he’s been

Surrounded by friends, teammates, and family rage overcomes Boruto as he sees his mothers condition. Bolting from the hospital room he runs as scenes of pain and injury surround him thinking on his failures and his time as well... a brat. Tearing the artificial jutsu machine from his arm he finds his way to the Office of the Hokage.

Overcome by emotion and memories of the horrible things he said to his father. He looks at a picture of his grandfather Minato The Fourth Hokage and he finally understands. He was lucky as unlike his father he had a dad who was around, while he had other duties he still lived. Something Naruto never did.

Sage advice from “Uncle” Sasuke - wait does that make Sarada his “cousin” ship alert - correct course!

As emotion starts to bring the young child down, Sasuke enters the room. Recounting Boruto’s failures of the recent past and how at the moment his life is difficult he shows no pity for the child, as he reminds Boruto Naruto had it worse. As when he was in this position Naruto had nobody, while Boruto still has his mom and sister.


Understanding how terrible a person he’s been Boruto FINALLY showing remorse asks the right question, what would Naruto do? Sasuke merely states - ask him yourself. As although distance through their bond Sasuke can still sense Naruto’s Chakra. Boruto still unsure about everything ask why Sasuke is helping him, to which he responds with a question you’re my pupil are you not?

Darui looks totally badass...

Sasuke explains Boruto has immense potential as the son of Naruto and pupil of Sasuke he should be something great. One day even able to surpass his father as a shinobi as Boruto is the biggest loser ever - somebody who hates losing so much he is unable to accept it.

However the odds would be stacked against the two of them even with a near Ninja-God’s power like Sasukes. Luckily there are four allies in the waiting the remaining four Kage, each friends of Naruto’s from the third great Ninja War. Also incidentally the last known time when the Five Kage allied all in one place.

Rinne-Sharingan never gets old

As Sasuke, the Kage, and Boruto (kinda sticks out...) are about to leave through Sasukes Rinnegan portal they are confronted by friends, family, and teammates. Boruto explains this is what he must do and the chapter ends as he puts on his defaced ninja forehead protector, once again taking up the mantle of a Shinobi of the Leaf.


Starting with a literal bang Loser focus much of its time on character growth and god did Boruto need it. Seriously the Brat as I so disdainfully call him really needed a good kick in the ass to get his character into a better place narratively. Luckily it seems Naruto’s defeat at the hands of Momoshiki provided just that kicker.

This was a well done moment, not going to lie.

Interestingly with the added narrative Boruto’s grief at the loss of his father seems much more fleshed out then it was in the film. This is one of the few places where the manga actually surpassed the movie and I’m hopeful it will do so next month (this month?) as we move towards the final battle at the beginning here. It also helps that the art has been steadily improving little by little and Boruto finally is feeling a bit more like Naruto.

Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and please leave your thoughts in the comments. We’re approaching the end of this arc likely within two chapters and we’ll get into the real meat of these impressions. New material.


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