Wha... a Boruto write up what is this like three months late. Sorry about that I was kind of getting sick and tired of continuously writing a version of the Boruto the Manga the Movie joke. Eventually I just said to myself, that’s it I’m waiting until new content. Well the day is sort of here as the “Vs. Momoshiki Arc” (ya that is the official title) FINALLY blessedly concludes promising new adventures to coincide with those other new adventures in the anime. However for the first in a while lets jump into Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

As the manga begins the fight with Momokashi has finally come to a close with Sasuke and Naruto enjoying each others company with a little playful manner. As the two reflect on Boruto and how he has started to change from the brat we have know for the past ten god damn months of the manga.

However all is not well at this point as Boruto one again comes face to face with Momoshiki the man he had thought defeated. It appears Momoshiki in his death has slowed time for a bit allowing him to speak with Boruto. During this time he reveals a dark future for the boy who “killed a god” and warned Boruto he can no longer be normal. To say this is ominous foreshadowing is an understatement.


A week after the battle with Momoshiki life in the Hidden Leaf seems to returning to a sense of normalcy. With Moegi’s team, the 17th incarnation of the Ino–Shika–Chō trio shooting the breeze annoyed the Shikadai’s performance in the Chūnin Exam has caused them to get more assignments. Shikadai explains though that while he is normally lazy, he just couldn’t allow himself to lose to Boruto or have his performance cause his father to lose face. Showing that while his fathers lazy streak has certainly born through his mothers sense of duty remains in the Younger Nara.

Elsewhere it appears Gaara is leaving with his villages entry to the exams Team Shinki. Shinki much like his adoptive father before him is intrigued by an Uzumaki, not understanding how someone so weak could defeat something so strong. Especially while Gaara sat passively by. Instead of explaining the nature of Boruto; Gaara explains to Shiki, Araya (the blonde), and Yodo (masked dude) that it is important to walk ones own path and not to keep track of the steps of those who walk next to you.


As the chapter starts to come to a close the second generation Team Seven has gathered. Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki explain how since the incident its been a lot of media interviews for Boruto, now seen as a hero. Sarada lightly ribs Boruto for his cheating and how he doesn’t deserve the praise. Mikazuki disagrees saying Boruto is worthy of being the grandson and son of Hokage’s and perhaps one himself.

Boruto laughs at the suggestion saying it’ll be Sarada who is Hokage (well he’s not totally dumb it appears) and he will be Sarada’s right hand man and protect her always. To which Sarada blushes strongly and yes this ship is most certainly going to be a strong contender for OTP. Funny enough the pairing would also result in the strong ninja ever if you think about it as that potential kid would have the blood of the Hyūga, Senju, and Uchiha.


After the team moves out Boruto reflects on Momoshiki’s words about his cursed fate. He looks down and on the palm of his hand is a black diamond and what looks like a curse mark of some sort likely left by Momokishi during the final encounter. However instead of looking ahead with trepidation true to his ninja way he bares forth.

Honestly I am kind of glad I waited to put this out as honestly it was an okay chapter, certainly nothing like the dregs of the early series. In either art or writing, however it felt like a taster. Of what Boruto: Naruto Next Generations could be once its unchained from the movie. Hopefully this momentum keeps going.