Another month passes us by and we return to Boruto: Naruto the Movie the manga already in progress and once again we move closer and closer to the starting line of new content. Unlike last week when there were interesting additions too the manga like focus on smaller character. This manga followed its movie predecessor pretty much scene for scene which is fine as a pretty major turning point was present. However by the end that was kind of overshadowed as the real plot is finally going to make its appearance next month. However before we get to that we got to get through this.

The manga opens with Naruto in his office continuing his official duties as Hokage, when his adviser Shikamaru enters. He informs the Hokage that Boruto’s team has advanced to the finals and Boruto himself was a standout performance. Naruto wearing a straight face thanks him, as Shikamaru ribs him a bit about their two boys fighting. Following Shikamaru’s departure the old Naruto we all knows makes an appearance as the supposedly reserved Hokage jumps up in excitement.

The manga shifts to the decryption department where Sasuke is supervising the decoding of the scroll he retrieved in previous chapters. He mentions that the decoding is taking longer then expected, when Naruto changes the subject to Boruto’s training at Sasuke’s hand. To which he thanks his friend, of course Sasuke doesn’t mention his reservations about Boruto holding out hope. Funny enough despite their two children being on the same team Naruto nor Sasuke once talks about the much better and more reliable Sarada...


After Boruto returns home after the second event he is mobbed by his little sister Himawari and his mother congratulating him on his “Accomplishment”. As Boruto enters his room Naruto personally comes to congratulate him. While Boruto plays it cool during the father son moment as he’s alone he lets his guard down showing how happy the young Shinobi is to get his fathers praise he has so longed for.

As the first round of the tournament begins the proctor Rock Lee explains the rules. There will be two rounds of 1v1 fights followed by a final round of Battle Royale, however as it likely clear we will not actually be seeing these rules put into effect.


Boruto’s first match is pretty unremarkable fighting one of the lamest ninja’s ever conceived in over 500 chapters... who’s mighty power is the ability to blow exploding bubbles. Yup future Raikage right there... anyways Boruto exploits the lame ninja’s obvious weakness by bending a shuriken forcing a bubble to explode just as the lame ninja is blowing it, winning the match.

Moving on we sadly miss some of the better fights... such as the sand ninja with the awesome black sand attack who beat Chouchou off screen. However we do get a glimpse of Sarada’s fight who clearly takies after her mother as the young kunochi showcases her immense strength as she right hooks a mook into the wall, ending her match with a victory as well.


The rest of the matches end rather predictably moving the tournament into the semi-finals. With the semi’s comes the promised fight of Boruto vs Shikadai which starts out pretty evenly. With Boruto using the Uzumaki specialty of the Kage Bushin, however the Nara Clans Kage mane no Jutsu (shadow paralysis) manages to stop Boruto as he’s about to land a critical blow.

Boruto though wont take the loss. Using the artificial jutsu device Boruto creates an army of Kage Bushin’s much like his father could in his youth. This forces Shikadai much like his father before him to forfeit the match, causing all the mothers in attendance (including his own and recipient of Shikamaru’s forfeit) to burst into laughter at how much he really is a chip off the old block.

Naruto however isn’t laughing and immediately drops to the field and grabs his sons hand. Revealing the cheating device Boruto used to win the match. However flashing back to the Decryption Department Sasuke has uncovered the secrets of the scroll and rushes to inform Naruto saying the exam will need to be postponed. However as he does this the two beings of the Moon Race move out searching for Kurama... and Naruto.


With chapter four behind us now we’re inching closer and closer to the end of the arc and therefore the end of the films material. I’m personally looking forward to this event as knowing exactly what will happen is kinda annoying as I write these impressions as the best parts are still a month away.

With the first Volume of the manga being released in Japan with three chapters I’m expecting this arc to finish in two more months. If the tankōbon sticks to three chapters a volume, it would make sense to wrap up this arc within Volume 2. Anyways what did you guys think about this Months chapter. Boruto’s brat face finally getting caught was a nice highlight for me, with Sarada kicking ass and taking name is always a good time. Anyways until next time, later.