As we enter Week Two of The Sarada Uchiha Arc things are moving quite a bit faster then I was anticipating and that is such a good thing. The arc is moving forward at a brisk pace of about two chapters per episode, while there is still ample opportunity for filler from outside of Gaiden, at the moment the adaptation is near perfect so far.

Interesting as I have been watching the adaptation to one of my favorite arcs of the manga, I have been reminded of why I like Naruto so much for so long. While both the Boruto anime and manga have recently failed to capture the spirit of the original, Naruto Gaiden as written by Masashi Kishimoto himself does not fall into this trap being the true sequel the series deserves. At this moment I am quite happy with the direction of this adaption, which is clearly self evident.

As the episode opens Sarada has decided to peruse her dad running with an idea Chōchō had. This is fortunately made all the easier by Naruto receiving word of the titular “Boy with the Sharingan” from Sasuke who is described as being so “analog”, a joke at how far the ninja world has advanced in what twenty years... However I digress, this causes Naruto himself to spring into action showing how active as a Hokage he is and also underscoring the gravity of the situation at hand.


Sarada after preparing for her journey decided to follow Naruto with Chōchō is tow, we need some comic relief and nothing is funnier then fat jokes right... anyone? Ya didn’t think so... this arc would have been so much better if it was the Naruto/Sarada road trip, Chōchō exists solely to be a third wheel.

After picking up a bento box from Boruto (the last time we will see him for a while, hahahahaha - stupid brat) as a pretext to follow Naruto, Sarada sets off to find the Hokage. Sadly Chōchō slows our heroine down by being physically unfit, showing the series is far more unkind of Chōchō then it ever was to Chouji which is kind of sad. During this time the two are attacked by the mysterious “Uchiha”.


“Shin” the mysterious boy has the early advantage against the two Kunochi who have yet to even graduate from the academy. However this advantage is quickly dissipated as Naruto in a big damn hero moment swoops in and saves the girls. As Naruto unleashes the Tailed Beast Mode he quickly forces a retreat, even after Shin reveals his Mangekyō Sharingan and the ability to remotely use weapons. However as Shin master recognizes Naruto as the best ninja of his time .

Following this Naruto has a heart to heart with the two young Ninja, which while not entirely truthful (Popular Naruto... ya... no) is quite sweet. Telling stories of the two ninja’s parents and how they helped him and he sees a lot of them in their children. This seems to especially impact Sarada who as we know is having deep issue with her disconnect with her family, Sasuke in particular.

As the journey resumes despite Chōchō’s less the stellar physical activity they soon approach Sasukes meeting spot. However even though their destination is literally in eyesight meaning its quite close, Chōchō requires ANOTHER stop. Sarada who pretends to also be tired asks to go to the bathroom, Naruto of course obliges at which point Sarada runs ahead to finally meet her father.


As she is approaching the tower with tears in her eyes out of both fear and joy her Sharingan activates with a single tomoe. Something that has never been seen before in the series as both Sharingan activations seen had always activated with two. Likely due to the fact the emotional level required to push the Sharingan to a full activation was not fully present at the moment.

However Sarada’s achievement is double sided as she meets her father he mistakes her for an enemy, due to her newly awakened Sharingan. As Sasuke points his sword at his own daughter he does not recognize the episode comes to an end.


As I said above the adaptation has been quite good so far and I do enjoy that they did not drag out the Sarada Sasuke reunion, which they could have. The beginning of the arc has passed and we are now moving into the grit of the story. I hope you return and let me know what you guys think in the comments.