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Blue Exorcist - Kyoto Saga - "Strange Bedfellows" Episode 2 Impressions

With another week comes another episode of Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga following on last weeks surprisingly strong opener I was wondering if the series could continue the momentum going into week two. I’m happy to say is does indeed continue to go strong. This despite the fact it felt like I was watching two very distinct episodes that just happened to be airing simultaneously.

However before we start off since I think I missed talking about it last week, we might as well discuss the opening “Itteki no Eikyou” by UVERworld. Returning from season one UVERworld doesn’t disappoint providing a catchy opening along with sharp visuals. Very much in line with the first season. If fact the series proper has unsurprisingly not matched the awesome animation found in the first opening yet.


Moving on to the episode proper as I stated above at times it was if we were watching two stories. This is actually likely a result of the adaptation decision A-1 Pictures made in the production of the episode. Primarily drawing from Chapters 18 and 19 found in the fifth volume of the manga there is two distinct aspects present in this episode.

It appears the Kyoto Sect isn’t exactly harmonious

The first is the introduction of the main cast to the new Kyoto setting. As half the main cast including secondary rival character Bon is from Kyoto there is a lot of character links to set up at this point. While most of the cast gets some amount of development its undoubtably Bon’s episode. Or “Bon-Byon” as we learn the origin of his nickname, being the young master of an Inn/the heir to a bankrupt and failed Buhhdist Temple.

As the episode continues we learn Bon has a big beef with his father, the nominal Head Priest of the Temple. Who just happens to be a bit of a lush, much like Shiro Rin’s adoptive father. However due to the failures of his father Bon feels particularly responsible for the shape of the Shrine and the people that depend on it. One of the main sources of animus he has for Rin who as the Son of Satan he sees partially responsible for the Blue Night that caused the death of the majority of the temples parishioners.


As the episode goes on it becomes clear why the majority of the Kyoto group is having trouble letting Rin’s origins go. It’s because their entire life was destroyed in the Blue Night. Where everything went wrong, including the death of what seems like Koneko’s entire family and Bon’s fathers fall from grace in the eyes of the Temple. Leading directly to the Temples involvement with the Knights of the True Cross.

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Compared to the tone of the first half of the episode the second is straight up pure comedy. With Rin’s fish out of water existence in Kyoto, where he’s of little use except for his literally monstrous strength. Where he is quickly put to work doing menial chores. During the process he meets Bon’s father, however Kuro (Rin’s Cat-demon Familiar) quickly smells the booze on the old man.

Reminding him of Shrio the two bond a little bit. Once again showing that Rin can bond with pretty much anyone if given a chance. However it’s during these scenes juxtaposed with the man we saw in flashbacks that show the Master of the Temple is a shell of his former self. Though through flashbacks we see he was at one point a formidable Priest, though likely not as talented as his son.


As the episode comes to a close the viewer is treated to a very humorous scene between Rin and Shima as Rin forces him to have a bento with him. Unable to escape Shima realizes despite all his efforts its just too damn hard to stay mad at Rin. It likely helps that by this point Rin is loaded off a single can of beer providing some of the best sight gags in the series 30 episodes.


The episode ends with a blip of the plot of as Yukio and the main team of Exorcists identify their target. However as they approach they realize everyone is dead, likely by the infection of the Impure Kings Eye. Elsewhere Todo is discussing the plot to steal the second Impure Eye where it is revealed he has implanted the first in himself.


Moving on to next week we likely still have a bit more slice of Kyoto life content to get through. As although the episode primarily drew from Chapters 18 and 19 not all the manga material was accounted for. Also considering in just two episodes we’ve burned through almost an entire volume of the manga we’ll need to slow down at some point to make the two cour this series is likely to be.

So what did everyone else think? Did you find the humour as effective as I did or would you prefer to stick with the action and melodrama, which was effectively provided Bon and his family. Anyways hope you enjoyed the episode and the write up and come back next week. Until next time.

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