UPDATE: Currently Funimation’s simulcast schedule has the airtime listed for the finale at 2:28 EST today as a 1 week subscriber exclusive. So get ready! Its almost here!

Original post from 10/08/15 below:

Funimation announced on twitter today that their simulcast of the Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) anime will finally be released this Saturday in subtitled form. (more details incoming)


Originally a spring cour show, the finale of BBB had been unaired originally due to a running time longer than the usual 30 min time slot. However the extra length finale episode 12 “Hello, World!” was released on Oct 3rd in Japan and Funimation- the North American distributor- has announced that their subtitled simulcast will be coming on Oct 10, with their dub arriving at a later date. (Usual timing for their broadcast dubs is a 4 week delay)