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Blimp: Recommendations With Raitzeno, Part 2

“Where’s part 1?” Shut up.

So I’ve been asked, yet again, to recommend manga based on a specific criteria. I would swear I posted the last time this happened (when Rock asked for... something or other) but I can’t find it; oh well. This time I’ve been asked about manga in which the main couple is actually a couple before the end of the series, and spends time together as an item. (Isekai series were not what the requester wanted, so I skipped past them.)


I’ve grabbed these as links from Mangadex, since it inherited Batoto’s database of titles, descriptions, and tags - but not all of these series are complete on the site, since they didn’t inherit the actual page images. Translation groups are still in the process of uploading their back catalogs, so many series there are either incomplete or empty. That said, here’s a bunch that have at least some chapters uploaded there, sorted alphabetically. My personal favorites are bolded:

Meanwhile, these are series that are currently empty, but the descriptions are there so you can see if it’s your bag and find them elsewhere:

Hopefully some of you will find some new favorites!

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