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For everyone following Re:Zero or the AniTAY Fantasy League or even just MAL scores in general, there has been a surprising turn of events since last Friday (the day the Fantasy League updates the MAL scoring).


Re:Zero, a show that I am not personally watching currently, made quite a splash in the AniTAY Discord Spoilers chat this past week with what was apparently an exceedingly good episode. As indicated by the fact that I noticed such a hubbub, the MAL scores for the show have increased .11 points since last Friday. This may not seem significant to the filthy casual, but generally at this point in the season, ratings are pretty firm, moving maybe .01-.o6 points in either direction. Anything at or above a .1 point change is considered a major gain and becomes increasingly difficult to achieve as more and more MAL users rate the show.

Congrats to the lucky fellows who have Re:Zero on their roster this season - Kinksy, Shade, and Koda!

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