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You may have remembered in Knights of Sidonia’s second season a moment where the characters gathered to watch another TV show within their universe. The star, a man named Killy and his signature guns kill a mysterious robot. While that might have been an inconsequential quirk of KoS, this was a big moment for deep cut fans of Tsutome Nihei, the original creator of KoS. Because Killy is actually from Nihei’s first published work, Blame, which Netflix has actually released to all of us stateswide today, May 19 2017.


Blame is made by the same team and studio, Polygon Pictures, that did Knights of Sidonia. The director, Hiroyuki Seshita is the same, and Nihei was apparently involved in the making from the very beginning. Unfortunately for fans, this is not a TV series but a film that spans 1 hour, 45 minutes.

I’m not familiar with the manga but the story purportedly goes that humanity now lives in one giant, ever-growing city, except that humans live in small groups hiding from our robot overlords. Killy is the man with the gun who’s looking for people to help him control the omniprescient robots. Knights of Sidonia and Blame seem to exist in the same universe as well so even more reason for fans of the former should seek out the latter. Enjoy!

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