Based on the line of Figure from the same name.

Earlier this month it has been revealed that the Lines of Figures of Bikini Warriors will get an Anime Adaptation.

The Voice Actress casted for this Projects are:

Yoko Hikasa As Fighter.

Kana Ueda as Paladin.

Ai Kakuma as Mage.

Chiaki Takahashi as Dark Elf.

Still other characters announced like Hunter and Valkyrie might appear, but their Voice Actress still haven¬īt been revealed.


The Story will be a clasic RPG-Fantasy World were a group of Valiant Adventurers will face the Demon King. But all of the Adventurers are beatiful girls with big Blossoms and likes to use Bikinis... Sounds logical to me.

Anyway, the Anime will Premier in July.