Berserk (2017) - Episode Seventeen

Hello there! It’s been a while, but I’m the last member of the Band of the Haken, bringing you all our recaps of Berserk. And while, I’ve been reading the manga ever so slowly, I’m still not caught up on the events of this storyline so you’re getting my raw reactions to everything! To start off, I like the OP a lot, but the OP from Berserk (2016) just had this mind worming quality with it’s furious guitar finger tapping. 2016 also spoiled some of the worst events from earlier chapters of Berserk itself, so not all was well but I prefer music to visuals in my OPs personally. Still, this isn’t bad, but I’ll probably forget this in a few days which is a shame.

Do I need to spend a moment talking about the CG visuals? No? OK Good.


We start with the fairies in the forest. The fairy godmother is soon to kick the bucket but leaves our heroes and heroines her trainee, Shierke. In return, our lady of the forest will make a protection charm for Guts that wards off evil spirits and prevents him from getting possessed. Great! Especially considering his possession in recent episodes almost led him to irreparably damage his relationship with our beloved Casca, this should be just what the doctor ordered. However, this ward doesn’t last forever, just “as long as his journey goes” which functionally is the same thing Fairy.

Anyway, Guts now is off to destroy the Trolls, but not before a bath and a good meal! A friend from the spirit realm told our witchy lady hmmm. Who could it be I wonder. A certain Skull Guy perhaps? Anyway, this world is apparently overlapped with two other realms. One is the spirit realm which we know and love. That’s where all the bad guys come to try and break Casca and Guts over and over. But also where our funny little elves squabbling over dinner on the table are from, at least squabbling until Casca does the righteous thing and eats it for them. The other is something called the Realm of Ideas which honestly flew a little over my head. Our Berserk expert Jonuiuc might be able to explain better.

But between the worlds of humans and spiritual beings, there seem to be several levels of depth within the spiritual world, starting with the Interstice and progressively proceeding further. Lesser spirits and such, than demons and even Gods as the spirit realm descends and even farther limits of the realm where humans have never been. I wonder where the famous Eclipse falls in the Spirit realm. Could there be even more madness and chaos? I assume there is. They are named the Godhand after all. Perhaps there’s a Godfoot, a Godlung, a Godbrain! Well, there can’t be anyone brainier than Void.


Guts shows Our Lady of the Forest the Behelit! It links the deepest part of the Spirit realm with the natural world so my previous question has been answered. Shame, I was looking forward to the Godshoulder. Unfortunately, the Behelit is not something Guts can manipulate, so he’ll have to wait until the events are laid in front of him before he can meet Griffith and the rest of the Godhand again. Reincarnated humans acting upon the interests of an unknown entity from even deeper in the spirit realm she says? Including Griffith our so called untouchable one, led by the Hawk.

One of the very few moments in this series where the CG actually looks good

Shierke makes a temporary ward for our heroes that dulls the 5 senses in order to see spiritual beings better, and also brings out magical weapons and cloaks! Serpico gets a bunch of upgrades, as does Isidro. Casca and Farnese get defense boosts in their cloaks. And yet, Guts doesn’t need any upgrade. He’s a walking level 100 human out there battling foes that are level 200. A few more explanations, the credits roll and our heroes go off for battle! Damn, I won’t be covering the battle. But hmm, The Fairy Queen seems to be talking to someone mysterious. Who is it SKULLY WOOO. He’s back! But the trolls are attacking already! BUT WE’RE ON THE SCENE AND HAI YO IS PLAYING LETS GOOOO.


Hmph, I don’t get the battle chapter. Well, all in all, this was a fine transition episode with a lot being explained. A lot of talk about the spiritual realm and the human realm and the Interstice in between. I think that about wraps it up for me. Again, I haven’t read this part of the manga so I can’t really comment on what differences were made, nor can I explain better anything that’s happening unfortunately. Let me know in the comments about this section of the manga, or anything else that’s been rattling around in your brains!

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