Berserk (2017) Episode Nineteen

Hello Again! Due that our dear friend Requiem wasn´t able to do the article of this chapter and since we are a team, no, a band… I will be covering for him this time! Anyway, I will try to do this Article short; but sweet. So let´s get to it!

The Arcana of Invocation

While the things have settled down inside the church, the battle against the trolls continues outside of it and it is not calming down! At the same time the Trolls aren´t the only fantastical creatures that have come in order to have human for supper, since an Ogre and a Kelpie have appeared to join the ranks of the enemies! So Serpico makes a team with Guts in order to deal against them!


Also Schierke explains to the priest that the 4 beings summoned to make the barrier are the 4 angels that the scripture says.

There it is to say that even if the fantastic creatures can´t physically be where the humans are (with the exceptions of Guts and Serpico who are outside of the barrier) that doesn´t mean they can´t damage the church by throwing things to it or even magic!

In any case the fight continues and Guts is having problems against the orc while at the same time Serpico is not having a walk in the park either. It is then when Schierke decides to join the fight in her own way and it is by letting her be possessed by the water spirit that used to exist in this place before the faith came in.


The water starts and engulfs everything! It takes with it the trolls, the Ogre and the Kelpie! The strength of the water stream is very powerful so Guts and Serpico are having problems to get their ground, to make things worse, Schierke is losing her own conscience, a thing that can be very dangerous for her and for the rest of the town! Due to some circumstances, both Casca and Farnese fall to the river stream, both Guts and Serpico tries and fails in rescuing the girls.


Finally, and thanks to the rhythmic sound of Schierke staff, she is able to regain her senses and coming back to this existential plane. After that all of them are seeing as the heroes of the town and no matter if the houses are ruined and everything since they are alive, and that is the important thing! Schierke then just ask to the townsfolk that they must make a little altar outside the church for the Spirit that lives there, and even the pries agree; also she says that what the people can do to receive the help from the spiritual one, which is one thing… Pray.


Also Isidro got a new sword from Morgan, a little sword that will help him wth the whole balance and stuff.

After that and the fact that Schierke feels very guilty for what happened to Farnese and Casca, since she was also angry at the people on this town, which made it easier to lose herself on the power stream, she gets to feel that both girls are fine and safe, although they have been captured by the enemy… Also Guts congratulated her for her good work back when the whole town became a battlefield.


Finally, Schierke, Guts and Isidro are going to rescue the girls while Serpico is left in the village to recover from his wounds.


All in all a good chapter if you ask me! It had some good action and I loved how the Kelpie and the Ogres appeared and their appearances, although the Kelpie was somewhat funny since it looked like a frog cow! All in all a good chapter that left me wanting to know what will happen next! 

Anyway, that is all for me and see you the next time!

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