......This might have been the worst animated episode of the year, not including HandShakers. 


Look at them shadows!

Oh OK, the Fairy godmother’s house is on CG fire after the troll attack. Guts is hurt, but not. Zodd and Skully are around and attacking each other, woooo. Always love to see the big guys in action. Apostles are attacking the Fairy House, under the orders of Griffith/Femto/Whatever. The apostle Grunbeld wants to take on Guts one on one as a member of the New Band of the Hawk!!! Interesting! Guts gets destroyed by Mr. Belding until Thumbelina and the gang get the Super Shiny Magical Protecting Armor onto Guts. OK fine, it’s the Berserker Armor we’ve all been waiting for. Except I don’t even get the chance to see Guts in action. Nope, I get 2 frame repeats, CG fire, and some of the most shoddily done animation of the series, and that’s saying something. We all suffer. Normally, I might have gone on longer about anything I’m reviewing but good god man, was this done haphazardly. So in that spirit, we’re done today. Come back another time when the team behind Berserk stops counting dollars and starts looking at the product they’re releasing. Oh hey look, here’s something that isn’t halfassed:

Berserker Armor is a go!!!!!!! Let’s see how this team fucks that up next time.