After the action filled chapter 3, we are back with a chapter filled with character development and nostalgia…But did it make it good chapter for everyone? Let us check it out!

Here it is the past chapter Article!

Chapter 4: Epiphany

This Chapter starts with Guts having a revelation that Casca is in mortal Danger so he decides to go where he left her, ergo with Rickert and his new family.


Now before continuing, I have the need to give a quick explanation of why the scene that comes next is the most important in the chapter and also one that in truth demands to the viewer to know what´s the deal with Guts Past in order to fully understand it.


The Band of the Hawk, led by Griffith; it was the time when Guts became part of a family and a place where he can call it home, Griffith was making political (and undershadow) operations in order to raise his fame in the Kingdom of Midland and became King one day.


Meanwhile a Romantic trio was making for Casca, where she sought 2 men she loves and cares: Guts and Griffith.

On any case, Guts decides to leave the band because reasons and after defeating Griffith (thing that he couldn´t do before) leaves, that puts Griffith very sad and basically shits his bed (figuratively) by sleeping with the King´s daughter (Biblical Sense). After that he gets caught and the band of the Hawk is persecuted.

When Guts hears that he goes back and helps Casca, the new leader, in order to rescue Griffith… The Romantic/sexual tension greatly increases for both of them BTW.


When they rescue Griffith he is in truth in a bad shape for all the tortures he has been through. That same night is when his Behelith awakes and to put it short, Griffith “reborn” in the form of a Demon and sacrifices the lives of every member of the band of the Hawk, with the exception of Guts, Casca and Rickert, the first two because they managed to escape; the last one because he was away when the hell break loose.

Also Casca got raped by Demon Griffith because, yeah, he was horny or something.

After that Rickert, Guts and Casca goes to live with that Blacksmith guy and his Daughter, Erica, in a near cave that used to be populated by Elves, so the demons can´t enter. Casca, due to the trauma, now is in bad shape psychologically speaking and acts more like a very little kid (2 years old).


In any case, Guts decides to leave and 2 years has passed.



Back at the present we see that Rickert has grown up, also his voice is basically the one I imagined when I read the Manga (more or less like Isabel martiñon the voice of Gumball or Ben Tennison in Latin America).

We get to know that Casca has been missing for a month; Guts gets infuriated although he gets calm after seeing that Rickert indeed went to search for her although he always came back since he is taking care of the Blacksmith and his daughter.

After that we get to see that the Old Blacksmith gives a lecture to Guts since for him he is running from his grieve of that day and is using vengeance as only a pretext in order to not move forward with his life; after that we see that Rickert has made a cemetery with Swords that represents the band of the Hawk, Guts can see that Rickert has opened himself the doors of a new future, he grieve his loss and now he is living a new life with renewed strengths… Not much like him who is still stuck in the past, who can´t let go.


After that Guts is trying to sleep in the cave, since it´s a safe place; but he can´t and the ghost of the past comes to haunt him, the times that passed what he did, the things the members said to him, everything…also his sentiment of Guilt since maybe all of this wouldn´t have happened if he hasn´t decided to leave.

In the end Guts decides to keep going his way of blood! In the Manga, I remember how much was the sense that Guts now has recognized his problem, still… in a way he is growing, he is growing as a person now that he has a resolution to save Casca, he won´t fail her now!

In the night the Blacksmith and Rickert repairs Gust’s Weapons BTW.

Rickert tells him about a holy ground that is 3 days from here, although he doubts Casca is in there…Still Guts will go and promises to bring her back when he comes again to this place.


We change the scene and now we are in the vicinities of the Tower, the holy ground where the villagers and other people are hiding since the war has come to Midland after the King´s death, and a famous inquisitor is coming escorted by the Holy Iron Chain group. We get to know that they have been relieved from their mission of the Black swordsman so Farnesse is truly angry with that… But also for what happened in that mansion, the horse, her own possession by her own desires, everything.

Suddenly the carriage gets attacked since that Inquisitor has a very bad fame and some people wants him dead!


Long story short the Inquisitor, whose name is Mozgus, and his own group of Torturers gets the job done easily. We also get to see that Farnesse truly loves seeing people suffer, it turns her on.

In any case, in the crowd, Casca appears and she gets saved by a woman who responds to the name of Luca.

In the end I have to say that while I enjoyed this chapter a lot for the character development, it is also one of those chapters where one truly needs to see the old anime or the movies or read the manga in order to truly enjoy what happens. Still the chapter was good enough and the introduction of this arc´s “Boss” was truly significant.


Anyway, that is all for me and Jonuiuc will cover the next week so see ya in 2 weeks!