Jonuiuc will be busy this week, so as his brother in arms I will replace him this week! Coincidentally I will be the busy next week, so he will cover for me, amazing coincidence, isn´t it? On any case, this week´s Berserk it was one were while not much happened and can be said in few paragraphs, it is also one that sets in truth the motions of this Story Arc.

Chapter 5: Tower of Penitence

The Chapter Starts with the young kiddo we sought in the first chapter, Isidro (whose named is subbed as “Isidoro” for some reason) he makes fools of some brigands with meat until the things gets too dangerous since the Kushan has come to kill, kill and kill. Luckily for him, Berserk was in the neighborhood and killed everyone of the Kushan enemies, also Puck just took all the meat as if it was nothing.


We get to see that Kushan guy from the Golden Age Arc again BTW.

Later we get to see the works of some true heretics who has killed a Monk, and that only means problems for the refugees…

At the same time some starving refugees are trying to get more fun, between that group a mother and her baby are in there, thing that melts Mozgus heart and invites the people to go in…What a Nice guy!


Mozgus treats the baby and he will be fine also he (and Farnesse) have sent more helps messages to the Holy See in order to bring medicine and food for the refugees, Mozgus has won moar awesome points!... Until we realize that everyone except the Baby is going to be tortured…Ok, exchange those points to crazy points…

I will stop a little and talk about Mozgus and the thing that I believe he represents… Because no, he doesn´t represent God or anything like that; but rather that world´s church, one that truly is in a decadence, not of believers or power; but rather on the moral ground and message it preaches. I am not saying Mozgul is corrupt, since he obviously isn´t, rather he is two faces combined in one, a warm and charming light of heaven, and a scorching hellfire. With a duality that both express that while he understand it, he doesn´t get it …I mean I don´t want to get biblical but for some reason he reminds me of James: 2 sermon (the one about faith without work is a dead faith) especially when he is talking about the law, which clearly Mozgus breaks according to such Sermon. Anyway I think I am walking in circles at the palm of Budha now :P


Finally, Yes i know what Mozgus is; but since this chapter that haven´t been seen and is not encessary for this chapter i will say nothing!

Continuing with the camp, we get to see Luca doing her work, which is Sex since she is a prostitute; and she is taking care of Casca, who has named her as Elaine, and Luca has charmed a Knight who has invited her to come to his house when this gets to end, later one can see that Luca is sharing everything she has with her fellow prostitutes in order to not to increase any grudges or bad sights from people, so a way of protecting it seems, although if you ask me she is just a nice person.


Later Nina, another Prostitute, goes with Casca/Elaine for water and we can see that Nina has some disease in her private area, and she is afraid on getting killed and also of living and getting crazy… She is basically fear in human form as of right now.

BTW in the conversation of Luca and the Knight one can see the Character of Farnesse and how the Knights of the Holy iron Chain sees her, as a mere symbol, someone who even if it works hard, hasn´t won the respect of her Knights…

In that regard I have to say that if you have played Dragon´s Dogma (Amazing Game, already on Steam) the character of Mercedes is heavily based on her; although her physical more on Casca.


Anyway, continuing, the last scene is when Isidro joins the group and how Puck is nice and goofy all around with everyone, in the end and with the night, Guts, Puck and Isidro will have to face some demons filled with anger and resentment.

With that the chapter ends, and as is aid at the beginning it is one where not much happened, still makes a solid ground for the events that will come later in this stry arc, who truly is one of my favorites.


As said earlier too, Jonuiuc will cover the enx 2 weeks in a row since I won´t be able to do next week. So see ya in chapter 8!