We are back with another Berserk post! Man this chapter truly was rushed in a lot of areas, to make a comparisson, they eat a whole volume and part of the other in the manga! in any case, the big climax is upon us regarding this history arc. So let´s check it out!

The chapter starts with the news that Farnesse has been dismissed, ergo she is ordered to leave, no, not the Holy Iron Chain Knights, only her. Obviously this has truly frustrated Farnesse who immediately suspects on Serpico, who it seems it´s an spy of her Father…

In any case we get to see throught their wyes that Nina spilled the beans with little to no torture and now Casca/Elaine is in danger! There it is to say that now Nina is crying a lot… Maybe because she regrets doing it, or maybe because she is afraid of pain… Maybe a mix of both.


Later Farnesse is talking with Mozgus who praises her for capturing lots and lots of heretics, in the same scene we see that Casca is lead up to being tortured and that every one of the heretics are pointing her as a “priestess”. In any case the method selected to torture her is…

The Iron Maiden…

The door of the torturing object closes, Casca´s blood starts going out…


...And the Iron Maiden explodes! What comes next is basically that all hell breaks loose…Huh, I am saying that phrase a lot with this series, now that I think about it.

In any case, in the meantime, Luca, Isidro and Guts manages to enter the place; Casca is being engulfed by the monsters/demons and Puck can´t do much, Farnesse, Serpico and Mozgus escapes the place to another part of the building.

Guts manages to catch Farnesse and obligues her to take him to where Casca is, Serpico is able to look at the scene.


Meanwhile Nina is rescued by Luca, Isidro and Jerome, that Knight who likes to sleep with Luca. Luca asks for where Elaine is and Nina is well…Afraid of everything again, man this chick gives one step forward and 2 steps back… In any case the hell has reached them.

Meanwhile Guts reaches the place, now only death… And Puck, is there, Puck explains that everyone melted, except Casca, so that thing has taken Casca elsewhere, Farnesse is also able to see Puck now. In any case, the trio goes in search for her.


Meanwhile the demons have reached to where Mozgus is, and while he wasn´t looking…Something got inside of him, now… Mozgus is human no more…

At the same time Luca´s team reaches the chapel and the monsters are surrounding them until Mozgus destroys them with his new powers and resolution: To burn the witch…

Obviously with that Luca and the others wouldn´t be too Ok! The Team got attacked by one of Mozgus servants, who are also the same as him.


To put the things short is that Luca is about to fall and Nina tries to rescue her, when Nina was thinking in let her hand go, Luca takes the choice by herself and falls…

Quite nice that Skull Face has come to rescue her!

Now I will make a stop in this moment and will say that this part drifted somewhat from the manga, especially because Nina´s role in all of this ended a while ago in the manga version, no she wasn´t killed; but she didn´t much or was in the action scene either.


Continuing now, Skull Knight hears Luca´s chat and he tells her that she is alive, and now he is going to face that thing that transformed Mozgus.

Meanwhile Guts has come and he will face Mozgus and his servants! He starts fighting some of them, although he isn´t able to dispatch any of them. At the same time he wonders what are them? They aren´t apostles; but… What is that feeling he has?


End of the chapter.

Man this was rushed! Although it is somewhat understandable in its own since the count of the 12 chapters is near… Although I don´t know if this anime will be 12 or 24 chapters, in any case the climax of this history arc has come for us now!


Anyway, that´s all for me for this week, Jon will come by the next one. So see ya in 2 or so weeks!

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