We are back for another Berserk Episode! My return is a little sooner than anticipated, still, now we are in front of one of the best episodes so far in Berserk 2016 Anime! So let´s check it out:

Chapter 7: The Black Witch

The Chapter starts where the past one left off with Luca, Elaine and Nina going out of such dreaded place!


After that at the next morning Luca is concerned that the Heretic busters will come anytime now. Nina, as a fearful girl who is afraid of everything says that they should get rid of Elaine, thing that Luca is against. The conversation is blocked since one of Luca´s girls has been trapped by the authorities as possible heretic.

Some whips later to the Girl, Luca comes in and steps in order to save her, she was going to get whipped; but our good guy Guts comes in! Also Isidro and Puck, who is the lord and master of both properties… According to him anyway.


In any case, Guts kills some people and tries to get some answers regarding Casca´s Whereabouts, Luca, as a smart girl she is, connect the dots and realizes that he is talking about Elaine, so obviously they are going where she is!

Also Isidro is all blushed and horny in front of the Girls whose profession matches Santa Claus Iconic laugh…

Meanwhile Nina is fearing for the worst and in her mind Luca and the others are already dead, so she and Elaine runs.


Back with Guts, Luca asks about Guts relationship with Elaine/Casca, Guts gives a non answer although she Is able to somewhat connect the dots. When they reaches the tent both girls aren´t in there and Nina´s belongings are missing, also since the place is not smashed then the Heretic Hunters didn´t took them.

Now Elaine and Nina are captured…Although not by the Holy See; but for the Heretics who see Elaine as a Priestesses…


While those events happens someone gives to the Holy Iron Chain Knights the location of the heretic nest… Joaquim, “Nina´s Lover” has given the signal…

The scene changes to one where Isidro and Pucka re searching for Casca; until they notice that Casca and Nina are being transported by some shaddy people, so Isidro decides to persecute them in the shadows in order to see where are they going.

When Nina and Elaine reaches such place, well… Basically Nina´s heart was going to get ripped apart and Elaine has to sleep with the Goatman and his Snake Dong…


Luckily Isidro and Puck are here to save the day! And Isidro makes the plan that Puck must run towards Guts and bring him over while Isidro starts throwing rocks at the guys and buys them time!

The plan goes smoothly until… Well, the bad spirits enters and all hell break loose, for a change :P


Isidro tries his best; but those new possessed people are too strong!

At the same time the Holy Iron Chain Knights are fighting such creatures and getting their arse kicked in the process!

Isidro manages to rescue Nina and Casca (and getting a boner in the process) with some truly comic moments BTW.


Suddenly someone comes, Guts has arrived and is slashing and dancing and cutting and everything that Guts does!

Meanwhile the Goat man becomes…a truly Goat man since he became possessed and his Snake Dong now is an Anaconda… who wants to make babies with Casca.


Luckily for her Guts comes in and cuts his virility with a single blow! Ouchies!!

The Battle against such being is going to begin now!

The Chapter ends.

Man what a good chapter! The passing was good, the animation was fluid and the fact that now they used more 2D than CGI helped it a lot! Now I have to say that Isidro and Puck are my favorite characters!...And yeah I circle towards the ones who make me laugh a lot! Still I like how is the psychology of Nina, who is afraid of everything…So afraid that she do stupid things time after time and betrays herself time after time! A truly interesting character whose history will end with… Nah, I will let you discover it in the future chapters :P


Anyway, see ya next week with Chapter 8!