Okay so probably at least a few of you knew about this and I’ve heard rumblings however I had no idea it’s moved so far. Yes an actual live action North American version of Death Note is in production. I saw this through ANN and the Hollywood industry rag Variety has provided more information and what I saw does not give much hope.

First casting is going through the standard announcement phase of the project right now and they’re casting relative unknowns and lesser actors most likely due to the fact this project does not have a large budget. Taking the lead role who mercifully is likely not going to be Yagami Light is Nat Wolff who has recently stared in sappy Young Adult movie adaptations of The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. Margaret Qualley who has no major credits (that I know) to her name sees to be playing the Misa Amane inspired character.

However things get worse FAST. The attached director Adam Wingard has very few major titles to his name instead focusing on what appears to be low budget horror films. The attachment of an unknown director seems to signal fans probably can’t expect much in the way of support from Warners, furthermore his track record as a horror director seems to show a move away from the suspense aspect of the property to the more horror side of things.

Finally the script writer Jeremy Slater is a name some of you may have heard of and most likely if you have cursed. As his most notable credit is the Fantastic Four; not the original no... worse... the reboot; the one so bad Fox took it out of the X-Men movie universe as not to taint it (this is a universe that still considers X-Men Origins: Wolverine partially canon). The movie adaptation that made so little sense even the actors admit they didn’t know what they were doing. So that is the creative team behind this film an unknown and a proven failure... oh joy...