Barakamon has to be one of the most mature Anime, I've ever seen. Okay I know that may not be saying much, as a relative newcomer to Anime, but I still think that very few Anime live up to the level of maturity this series overflows with.

Now this is not to say that You need to be mature to watch this show, in fact this is perhaps one of the cleanest and family friendly shows out there in the anime world. However I am not talking about maturity as rated by the ESRB, there is no gore, PG rated violence and no fan service, instead what this show has in spades is an outlook on the world, that is more grown up, well rounded, and mature, than almost any other show I've watched of late.

To those who don't know Barakamon is a show about growing up, learning from others, and appreciating the little things in life. It is a show who's outlook is entirely refreshing, all throughout the show you feel like you are a part of the Island community, watching these kids, including the 20-something year old main character, grow up. In fact it is this joyful, almost tranquil sense of contentedness that pervades the island and the show, which is part of the "mature" charm. This is a show which knows what it is to be an adult, and so can laugh at the petty fights and unexplained joys that a child's view of the world brings. Yet the show also knows what it is like to be a child, and has, perhaps, the best representation of children I've ever seen in TV or film. The beauty, wonder and excitement of these kids, is not only shown, but embraced. This is a show where kids can be kids, and are not forced to "grow up", but rather they show their childish wisdom to the one man who needs it, our 20-something year old calligrapher, who is at heart an adult, who never knew what it was to be a kid.

So the next time you're watching Anime, and decide you need a break from the usual shonen power fantasies, or Moe-blob stuff you're watching, and instead you want to watch something more Adult, and Mature, maybe skip the edgy gore-fest Hellsing's, or the cynical Fate/Zero's and Psycho-Pass' and instead watch something, a bit more optimistic, heartwarming, and perceptive like Barakamon. Are you Mature enough for that?