Awadama Fever! Babymetal Hype!

It’s no secret: I’m the biggest Babymetal fanboy around these parts, and I don’t use the term ‘fanboy’ lightly. Naturally, I keep up with the latest Babymetal news, and lately videos of the yet unreleased song ‘Awadama Fever’ have been put online with better mastered audio quality which seemingly haven’t been getting copyright striken. Needless to say, I’m about to link you to the song:

Isn’t it great?

‘Awadama Fever’ is one of the latest in the J-Pop/Metal fusion band Babymetal’s repertoire of excellent songs, and was first performed on December 20th, 2014. The name was unconfirmed until July of this year, when members of the exclusive Babymetal fanclub ‘THE ONE’ were given access to the LEGEND 2015 blu-ray. The disc contained ‘Awadama Fever’ (Bubble Fever, in English).


The song itself is the perfect kind of symbol for the fusion of the two genres, as it has a very heavy beat while the lyrics themselves are actually quite cheerful. Here’s a version with the romaji lyrics:

Of course, to get the full experience, here are the romaji lyrics side-by-side with translated English.

My favorite part is the chorus, as Suzuka does really well carrying the first notes (‘Ahhhhhhh yeah!’) and the pairing with Moa and Yui as they descend chords and she ascends is an excellent sound grouping. Needless to say, the group remains incredibly talented, so be sure to look forward to future releases. We all know that I will.

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