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Author of Attack on Titan announces new spinoff series: Attack on Ganymede

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TOKYO, JAPAN - Well in news surprising everyone including your precious intrepid reporter, what was once thought to be only rumor and speculation has indeed become reportable fact. Hajime Isayama, author of one of the most beloved manga series across the world, Attack on Titan, has announced a new spinoff series that he is writing. Not much is known about the new series, but according to Isayama himself, the title will be Attack on Ganymede.


“You can’t help but love that the fans have so appreciated what I was working on with Eren and Mikasa and the whole team in Titan. But it had always bothered me that most of my readers missed so much of the planetary symbolism that I was going for.” said Isayama today at his press conference, “The cosmic span of the universe is so vast and that’s what I was truly going for, but it seems that most everyone just cares about the fight scenes”

This announcement had been rumbling and bubbling about for a while now and many had gathered to hear Isayama’s statements today. One long time fan bemoaned this new story, “I don’t like this. We’re never going to find out what was in that basement at this rate”. Others chimed in, “Is there any airjet flying swordfighting? Otherwise I’m totally out”.


Though Isayama never conclusively stated any story information he was willing to take the story, it was hinted to me, your reporter on the streets, that he was going to focus his story on a high school lacrosse club that got suddenly attacked by aliens. We’ll keep our ears on the ground for more!

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