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Attack on Titan Season 2 revealed to be just an April Fools Joke

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MUSASHINO, TOKYO - The fans have yelled, they’ve screamed and they’ve cajoled for more Attack on Titan for years now. And right on the precipice of their dreams coming true, it is being snatched away from these very fans. Gnash your teeth and tear out your hair because this episode of Season 2 may be the only episode we’ll be seeing.


“It’s too soon. We weren’t seeing the sort of fan engagement and activity necessary for us to greenlight a full series” says George Wada, President of Wit Studio, the studio in charge of all Attack on Titan products.

“When it comes to new series being produced, there’s a certain quality that we’re looking for. And while the beginning part of Attack on Titan met that level, what we were seeing as it went along did not meet the standards we strive to make.” Tetsuya Nakatake is the director of Wit Studio, and has had his eyes set on larger fish since the smash hit Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress steamrolled its ways to the anime market last spring. But sources say, the real reason that Attack on Titan isn’t being fully released is another property that is consuming their time: Ancient Magus Bride.


The amount of money put into the animation budget of AMB was grossly underestimated for the OVAs, and with the full series being released in the Fall, there’s just no more money for us to put into a potential stinker of a series like Attack” says a person close to Tetsuya who wished to remain anonymous.

When asked for comment, the AniTAY community did not let down. “MY FAVORITE SERIES OF ALL TIME AND THESE [redacted] AREN’T GIVING IT TO ME?” bursted Exile upon word of this being released. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to good friend Nomadic Dec since his head exploded when he heard the news.


It’ll be some time before fans recover but in the mean time, we will keep you up to date with any more developments in this titanic controversy.

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