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Asking AniTAY: What is the All-Time Cutest Anime Character?

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Alright, my first official aniTAY article! How bout I start off with something simple... [looks at the headline; thinks for one second] oh jeez...


Anyway, last week at my university’s anime club we sat down to watch Bunny Drop. For me this was the first time in over a year that I’ve watched the series, and five minutes in I, along with the entire room, realized something: Rin Kaga might as well be weaponized cuteness. Seriously, I’m amazed that I forgot just how adorable she is; the episode basically had an audience-sourced “daaaaw!” soundtrack.


As many misgivings as I have about the source material’s ending, this brought up a question among us though, one that I feel could be best answered by you guys: is there any anime character, at all, in any show, that’s cuter than Rin? Now, I won’t be using Google Poll; I’m doing this more like how Jalopnik used to do their community sourced daily top 10's. Anyone can present an entry/character, you can write a sentence or a paragraph explaining said choice (or gifs, which is probably the best way to prove the proverbial point), and whoever has the best or most popular response... well, wins! Also, I might present this to my club, depending on the overall response.

Well, good rest of the week to you all, and get giphy with it!

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