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As you may know, AniTAY has a tradition of turning into a sort of anime version of The Onion on April Fools Day (and for the record, we started doing it around the same time that Anime Maru, a now-famous leader in anime news, was founded). Those of you who are really old-school might remember a time when I ran a week-long version of our April Fools Day called AniTAY Comedy Week in 2015. I am happy to announce that starting this Monday, AniTAY Comedy Week will make its glorious return. Be prepared for the memes.

TL;DR: This Monday through Friday, AniTAY will be publishing a series of humorous, not-real articles making fun of anime and the Japanese pop culture fandom in general. Our regular programming will return on Saturday.


P.S. Any authors who are interested in participating: please send a message to me on Discord. My account is Protonstorm #3186.

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