Hello dear community of Ani-TAY, here's a revamp of mdubs' Storyclub a few months back. I personally find that stories are conveyed just as well through words, if not better, than art. I think that Storyclub has the potential to be so much more.

I plan to do a bi-monthly column that covers:

  • Short stories.
  • Fanfiction.
  • Blind Stories
  • And other future additions.

So as you guys can see, there's plenty of stuff we can do for Storyclub, and as such I can't do it alone! I will outline below a few details on each of the above, which is of course, subject to change.

1. Short Stories

  • They have to be relatable to anime or manga in some way, or were originally written in Japanese or by Japanese.
  • The above means you can write a story you wish to be featured, as long as it isn't fanfiction, and it must be properly credited. Don't plagiarise.
  • Length doesn't exceed 2500 words. We want short stories.
  • Genre is irrelevant; anything is fine, as long as it adheres to the first point.
  • Since this is Storyclub, it has to be a Story, not a discursive or descriptive article.


2. Fanfiction

  • A story that uses characters that belong to another author. Most of these are user written, and can be quite good! *Looks at Protonstorm*
  • CANNOT BE EXPLICIT. Please remember that minors do come to this website, and we want to keep it that way.
  • Anything above 2000 words must have an extract taken out, because anything above that will be a bit too long.
  • Again, genre is irrelevant, as long as the story adheres to point 1 & 2.

3. Blind Stories

This is a new thing I want to propose. I would really like feedback, and of course, ask questions if I was a bit too vague.


Basically, blind stories are.........

  • summaries of other stories, such as some from Anime or Manga.
  • NOT named. This is an important point.
  • A form of recommendation.

Here's a really quick summary of an anime/manga, that I will not name, as an example:

What if gods lived among us, ready to grant our wishes or death? What if there was one God, that would do nearly anything for five yen? Well, there is. This relatively unknown God goes through hell for a kid, and he wins in the end, by reaching to the kid's heart. Along the way, they also meet a young girl who's been turned into a half ghost by the God, and they're trying to turn her back. Through many misadventures and epic battles, the trio get closer to their goal.


So, in further explanation, Blind Stories are a way for people to get a feel for the story, without being turned off by the art or others' dismissal. I myself wasn't too attached to the art in Clannad, but the story was really good. The art might be a turn-off factor, you see. Of course, the writer's ability to form an entertaining summary is also important.

I do note that there will be spoilers, and you may also find that it's akin to the story synopses that you can find on MAL or AniDB, but that above is again, a shorter, not really complete version of what I plan to do. The column is meant to spoil a little bit, to entice readers to watch the show.

I'll be writing a longer version, to be uploaded soon, hopefully.

Beyond those three initial ideas, I'm also open to any others! I would really really be grateful if any of you would be willing to help, but of course, this will only go forward with positive responses, because it is a pretty big undertaking.


I'm currently looking for people to help with submission, editing, and possibly writing. I am open to anybody, even if you think you suck at writing. You can get better here!

Please drop a line at my ConTAYct page, or mail me on Skype: ascendant-izanagi, or on Gmail, at nickliow1@gmail.com, if you wish to help!