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Announcing KyoAni Appreciation Week(s)

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On July 18th, a horrible tragedy struck Kyoto Animation when an arsonist lit the studio’s Studio 1 building on fire, killing 34 employees. People around the world were shocked and horrified at this terrible loss of life, and many have shown their support via donations and prayers. We here at AniTAY are mourning as well. Yesterday, fellow anime studio P.A. Works’ CEO, Horikawa Kenji, gave a rousing speech that was widely shared online:


Horikawa’s entire speech was very moving, but one line was particularly inspiring for us: “The works that they produced wholeheartedly, and the proofs of their existence, shall never be forgotten.”

Most of us here at AniTAY have been greatly influenced by Kyoto Animation’s works over the years. They’ve inspired us to write on this very blog, and some of their works have even changed how we view the world. Kyoto Animation has provided us with many precious memories, memories that we will never forget. And so, to celebrate Kyoto Animation and their legacy, several of the authors on this site will once more take up the pen and write about Kyoto Animation in celebration of their many achievements.


Over the next two weeks, AniTAY will feature several articles by different authors about their experiences with Kyoto Animation. We will still feature our regular articles about other studios and their work, but many of us plan to take the time to honor Kyoto Animation and all their accomplishments. I hope you will join us in our celebration.

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