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Announcing AniTAY Podcast Season 4: Changes are Afoot

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The AniTAY podcast has been a mainstay of the community since its formation in 2014, and much like AniTAY it has evolved frequently over the years. As we enter the fourth season of the podcast, we will be making several changes to its format and production, as outlined below.

  1. In the past, the podcast came out roughly once a month with flexible release dates. Starting today, June 5th, we plan to post a new episode of the podcast every other Wednesday. I hope that this more regular schedule will make it easier for our listeners to regularly enjoy the podcast.
  2. We are returning to the slightly more structured format of the original season (but even more so than even back then). Each episode will now open with a main discussion (usually about currently airing anime), followed by a news section where we discuss current events involving anime and Japan, followed by a Q&A section where we ask a question to viewers and offer our own answers.
  3. In the past couple of years, we’ve usually had a cast of five people that rotate every episode, with the only constant cast member being myself. Moving forward, we will aim for four members per episode. We will also have a group of AniTAY authors who are regular members of the podcast and appear every/every other episode to create a good back-and-forth and establish a more consistent flow to the podcast. Outside of the main cast, some episodes will feature one member who is not necessarily a regular member of the podcast.
  4. Since 2016, I have personally been in charge of planning, hosting, editing, and posting the podcast. This has made it extremely dependent on my own schedule, which is at times complicated and likely about to get even more so. With this new season, although I will still be hosting some of the episodes, I will not be the sole host. Fellow author hybridmink will be taking over as a regular host, and some of the other parts of the process such as editing will be handled by other authors as well.

I hope that all of these changes will make the podcast more interesting and consistent. The first episode will be posted today, so please give it a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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