Hello again AniTAY. We’re back with Part Two of our community’s favorite anime of 2017. Now I know we would finish with the top part of our list, but I find it more fun to save our Top Ten for Part Three, and instead run through the almost contenders of last year instead here. Yes, I know, forgive me.

Hopefully you know the drill. I asked 22 of our members for their ordered top 10 favorite anime of last year and assigned points based on where each anime ended up. Part One had our #25-59 anime that were mentioned, and we’ll be going through #11-24 now. If you want to refresh yourself with what anime were already mentioned, you can find them here

So let’s get to it! The almost top 10 anime of 2017 for AniTAY!


Tied for 23rd. Re: Creators - 16 points
Tied for 23rd. Recovery of an MMO Junkie - 16 points

Once again, despite my best efforts, we have another tie. MMO Junkie seemed to be the beloved smash hit of the winter, but despite recency bias, it still only places here. Meanwhile Re:Creators took over the spring and summer seasons with it’s unique premise. And Based Hiroyuki Sawano. The man, the myth, the legend. Yes, I’m listening to the soundtrack as I write this.


22nd. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul - 18 points

The sequel to 2014's surprise hit anime, people were excited to see their favorites return and a new heroine in Nina. Who am I kidding, you all just wanted more FAVAROOOOO. I saw the prequel relatively recently, but I haven’t gotten around to seeing this series. Maybe in 2018.


Tied for 20th. Inuyashiki - 19 points
Tied for 20th. Fate/Apocrypha - 19 points

Ah the Nasu-verse. I feel like the only person who isn’t a huge fan of his works but they keep chugging along. Though be honest, you all just wanted a picture of Astolfo here didn’t you? Degenerates. Never change anime fans. Meanwhile everyone’s favorite grandpa/robot/superman lands here.  


Tied for 18th. Food Wars: The Third Plate - 20 points
Tied for 18th. Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ - 20 points (2 Firsts)

Jeez. The only two people who placed Symphogear in their top tens both put Symphogear #1. Guess I should watch this huh? Meanwhile, Food Porn: The Third Season returned to us. I hope our resident Stanlick finds some time to write a new cooking article. Everyone wants this, and yet he holds out still! Here, have a look if you’re uninitiated.


17th. March Comes In Like a Lion - 21 points

Here lies a true oddball. Season One started in 2016's Fall season, but continued into 2017. Meanwhile, Season Two started this Fall and will continue into 2018. So let’s just count both seasons here. Another show I’m very behind on, from what I’ve heard it seems like the show just gets better as it continues.


Tied for 15th. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. - 22 points
Tied for 15th. The Eccentric Family 2 - 22 points

It’s a crying shame that so few people have watched The Eccentric Family. Especially now that both seasons are on Crunchyroll, rectify that! The story of Tanuki and Tengo in Kyoto, it’s deeply emotional, heart rending and excellent. Meanwhile ACCA jazzed it’s way into our hearts with its work looking at all 13 territories that made up its world, while also being a slow burn with its real story.


14th. Scum’s Wish - 29 points (1 First)

Here is where we finally start to see some separation from the shows a few people liked to ones that a lot more people liked. This show I can confidently seen I’ve never seen an anime like it before. With its confident display of teenage sexuality and romance, it may not have been to your liking but it was as honest a display as I’ve seen.


13th. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans - 31 points (1 First)

When I initially put out the request for my top tens, the cries for including this show were endless and insufferable. Yes it aired in 2016, but was only brought to Netflix in 2017 so it counts! Well fanboys here you go. No, I’m not annoyed, why do you ask? Granted, I’ve heard very great things about this show, and I’ll eventually give it a try, but for now, allow me to vent.


12th. GARO: Vanishing Line - 35 points (1 First)

What a difference a few years makes. The original GARO was similarly beloved in 2014, but the outrage over the sequel Crimson Moon was enormous. Thankfully, MAPPA has us in good hands with this third, wholely unrelated GARO. Continuing into 2018, I’m sure people will find a way to put it in their Top anime of 2018 as well.


11th. Girls’ Last Tour - 37 points (1 First)

11th??? Goddamn is this a disgrace. Here is my favorite show of the fall season. Watching Yuu and Chi-chan wander their way through the ruins of a post apocalyptic civilization was an absolute delight and sincerely brought joy to me on a weekly basis. Justice for these adorable blobs!

And that’s that! Tune in later this week/next week for our final installment and the Top 10 of AniTAY favorites of 2017! Once again, please leave your thoughts in the comments. What do you think will end up in our top 10? Any of these you feel were slighted? (I’m looking at you Girl’s Last Tour. It’s balogna!) Thanks!