The Summer fun is over. Days are getting shorter. Leaves starting to change color. Class is back in session. And one anime season gives rise to the next one. That’s right folks! The Final Standings for Summer Anime Fantasy League are hot off the press!

Once again, I, Gugsy, and Melvin/Mooglewys/Maelwys have been monitoring the summer anime season’s scores on MAL every single week for the last 13+ weeks. And as always, things have risen but more often than not they fall and it’s up to our resident “experts” to pick which show’s will be the best of the new offerings. Or at least try to, as you’ll soon see. But first, let’s take a look at some fun statistics before we get to the final standings:

Top 5 Biggest Risers:
1. Mob Psycho 100: +0.83 pts (7.72-8.55)
2. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan: +0.78 pts (7.33-8.11)
3. Berserk (2016): +0.64 pts (6.15-6.79)
4tied. New Game!: +0.51 pts (7.31-7.82)
4tied. Nejimaki Seirei Senki Tenkyou no Alderamin: +0.51 pts (7.45-7.96)

Most people were hyped up for Mob Psycho 100 and why not, when it comes from the mind of ONE of One Punch Man fame? But it seems that Mob was able to step out from the shadow of Saitama and become a beloved series in his own right.

Meanwhile Psi-nan has similarly taken up the reigns as this season’s most loved comedy. Sporting an interesting 5 minute short format released over several days of the week, this one might have been missed.

Berserk had the roughest of starts and the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair across the fandom proceeded to give it one of the lowest scores of the season at the outset. Only the strong and the masochistic persevered and saw in a show more than it’s flawed presentation.

Meanwhile both New Game and Alderamin appealed to fans of work place comedies starring cute girls, and military types with hints of harem-building. And now for the unfortunate losers


Top 5 Biggest Drop (Non Short Division):
1. Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War: -1.38 pts (8.97-7.59)
2. Taboo Tattoo: -1.28 pts (7.42-6.14)
3. Battery: -1.1 pts (7.11-6.01)
4. Rewrite: -0.58 pts(7.29-6.71)
5. Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars: -0.47 pts (6.3-5.83)

Seven Deadly Sins takes the crown after the incredible amount of hype built up for this 4 episode OVA. Sadly, from what I hear, the OVA was a glorified filler arc that set up the eventual second season that is reportedly coming our way.

Taboo Tattoo started off as a pretty generic shounen but devolved into lunacy and cliche in a way reminiscent of the spring’s smash hit/utter trainwreck that was Big Order. And the MAL scores followed suit.


Battery was a very lightly watched show across the community but even still disappointed viewers including yours truly. It’s hard to keep watching a show when every character is supremely unlikeable, and they continue to do bad things to each other. Also being a baseball anime where maybe two innings of baseball is played across the entire run turned off its viewers.

Rewrite was the latest Key offering that tried to follow in it’s illustrious predecessor’s footsteps. Sadly, it never reached the same heights. The generic harem antics coupled with the ridiculously over the top dramatic reveal probably lost a lot of anime-only viewers. A second season was revealed for next year even still.

Finally, Regalia is a strange case in this group. After only 4 episodes, the anime studio halted production so that they could redo the first 4 episodes and rework the story composition. With the 5th episode finally released this week, and rumblings that the reworked 4 episodes were greatly improved, maybe it’s worth a shot to get back on board.


And now for the Top 10 Highest MAL Scores of the season!

1. Re:Zero: 8.73
2. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: 8.56
3. Mob Psycho 100: 8.55
4. Food Wars! The Second Plate: 8.52
5. ReLife: 8.27
6. Saiki Kusou no Psi-nan: 8.11
7. D. Gray-man Hallow 8.02
8. Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou-hen: 8.01
9. Alderamin: 7.96
10. 91 Days: 7.95


We have a quartet of extremely high scorers this season, and then a veritable gaggle of shows hovering around 7.9-8.1. Congratulations Re:Zero, the fans loved you best.

The 10 Lowest MAL Scores (Non-Short Division):

1. Scared Rider Xechs: 5.28
2. Endride: 5.72
3. Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars: 5.83
4. Battery: 6.01
5. Puzzle & Dragons X: 6.04
6. Hatsukoi Monster: 6.09
7. Taboo Tattoo: 6.14
8. Ange Vierge: 6.15
9. Masou Gakuen HxH: 6.37
10. Active Raid 2: 6.54


I thought for sure that Endride would take the #1 spot but maybe Stockholm Syndrome took hold and forced its viewers to rate it higher than they wanted to. But no, Xechs was the runaway winner, scoring one of if not the lowest MAL score I’ve seen this year. Meanwhile Regalia appeared again though it will continue airing through next season after being revamped.

All right! Time for the Final Standings. To League 2!


Let’s see here ...................

Good job, good effort friends. Jon, I’ll be seeing you soon :D

Now to League 1:


So why did I post League 2 first? Because we have a dastardly saboteur in our midst. Admin and Destroyer of Fun Dexomega participated here but on the caveat that if he got last, he could force a show on everyone else in the draft except first place. And wow did he succeed. Congratulations Dex ....

In any case, Rock you get to torture Dexomega to your liking. And the rest of you, I hope Dex is feeling generous. Because if not, yikes.


And here’s the side by side comparison of both leagues:


Wow, this post has gone on longer than I thought it would. For the sake of brevity, I’ll post the Fall Fantasy Leagues later this week. In any case, time to laugh, cry and talk shit to everyone in the comments. Rock and I get to decide the fates of Dex and Jon, while Dex has power over Nomadic Dec, Darkfire, Requiem and Quiddity. Godspeed gentlemen.

Anime is being released all this weekend, and will continue all this week, so keep a close eye on the things that are getting released, and we’ll see you in a few weeks with some preliminary results for the Fall season! I hope you enjoyed this.