Welcome back to the AniTAY Fantasy League, where we pit our community members against each other based on their nations of origin in an international competition to determine who gets to stand on the top of the weird stairs!

We are now halfway(-ish) through the season - some shows are doing great, some not-so-great, and some are gaining momentum. Will your shows do well? Will you be clinically diagnosed as having “shit taste” - or will you be the one standing on the top of the awkward stairs to nowhere biting some metal? Don’t worry, Michael Phelps is still better than you, even though he technically retired from Anime Fantasy Sports (but he could come back into it at any time).


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League 1

In League 1, Rock can’t quite break 60, instead slipping down to the low, low score of 59.44. As expected, most shows are on the decline because this is MAL we’re talking about, but everyone has managed to maintain their positions (whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing). Dex has firmly secured last place, and nobody seems like they’re going to try to stop him by resorting to desperate measures and rating shows falsely. We’ll see how they feel about it in the final weeks when the realization that he will get to pick a show for them all to watch starts to set in. Dec is sitting in what might as well be last place, looking for Seven Deadly Sins to get over an 8.41 to get a place on the misshapen stairs and over an impossible 9.58 to get the gold.

League 2


In League 2, Kinksy jumped from 5th to 3rd, pushing Jon and Ryoma down to 4th and 5th, respectively due to unexpected boosts from Psy-nan and Gra-P (a dubious pick, rated by only 9 users). Besides that, everything remains generally the same. The only person with a show still missing is Raitz, who would need over a 7.03 to get a medal, and over an 8.68 to secure the win.

All-Star League


And here in the Slacker League, I’m beginning to wonder if I should just go ahead and pick shows for both of us so that we can at least have something to show before the season ends.

Overall Comparison


Seven Deadly Sins still hasn’t aired, so there’s still a little bit of a wild card factor for both leagues, though it is highly unlikely that it will boost either of the players who picked it enough to topple the leaders. In this season of international friendly competition, we would like to take the time to remind everyone that if they lose, they have to watch an anime picked by the winner. And that if they win, there are some, interesting, shows airing next season that they can subject the losers to. Or in the case of League 1 (where Dex is being tsun), the winner gets to pick a show for the loser and if Dex loses he gets to pick a show for everyone but the winner to watch. Dex can be merciful, but he can also be wrathful. What will he pick? Will people go and inflate his show’s scores by rating them all 10s even though they haven’t seen them? Who knows, but remember, no matter what happens, Dexomega Michael Phelps is always watching.