Wow this season has been complicated. Some shows are in episode 5, others are in episode 7. In any case, let’s take a look at all of the shows this season and see what the mindless denizens of MAL think of the season so far.

Before we get to the league standings, why don’t we take a look at the top and bottom scorers of the season:

Top 10:

1. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable - 8.68
2. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress - 8.44
3. Re: Zero - 8.42
4. My Hero Academia - 8.26
5. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad - 8.26
6. Assassination Classroom Season 2 - 8.24
7. Ushio and Tora Season 2 - 8.01
8. Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 - 7.92
9. Bungou Stray Dogs - 7.64
10. Tanaka-kun is always Listless - 7.63

Bottom 10:

43. Bakuon!! - 6.37
44. Seisen Cerberus - 6.20
45. Terra Formars Revenge - 6.18
46. Usakame - 5.76
47. Pan de Peace - 5.73
48. Endride - 5.67
49. Wagamama High Spec - 5.54
50. Onigiri - 5.37
51. Ragnastrike Angels - 4.22
52. Crane Game Girls - 4.20


Not a lot of shocks in here. Jojo’s gonna Jojo. Re Zero and Bungou are a little high for my taste, but I might be alone there. I think Flying Witch and Concrete Revolutio are criminally underrated, but again that’s my corner. Sakamoto, Kiznaiver and Super Lovers are the next highest MAL scores after 10th place Tanaka. Bakuon is really really low. Really really low. That said, I’m not really watching any of the other of the bottom shows, and this tells me I shouldn’t. Your next lowest in the non-short division would be Ace Attorney, Hundred and Beyblade Burst.

And now let’s take a look at what shows have most increased or decreased their MAL scores since their first episodes:


Biggest Risers:

1. Tanaka-kun: +0.35 (7.28 - 7.63)
2. My Hero Academia: +0.28 (7.98 - 8.26)
3. High School Fleet: +0.19 (6.94 - 7.13)
4. Terra Formars Revenge: +0.14 (6.04 - 6.18)
5. Macross Delta: +0.12 (7.03 - 7.15)
5. Tonkatsu DJ: +0.12 (6.46 - 6.58)

Biggest Falls:

1. Big Order: -0.68 (7.54 - 6.86)
2. Endride: -0.45 (6.12 - 5.67)
3. Seisen Cerberus: -0.43 (6.63 - 6.20)
4. Wagamama High Spec: -0.39 (5.93 - 5.54)
5. Crane Game Girls: -0.31 (4.51 - 4.20)


In the non-short division, Mayoiga, Twin Star Exorcists and Ace Attorney would be sniffing the biggest fallers, as each of these have dropped at least 0.2 points. Space Patrol Luluco is the only other show that increased at least 0.1 points. Big Order started out shockingly high, but has dropped 0.1-0.2 points each and every week consistently. My co-conspirator Maelwys and I are eagerly awaiting how low it will go in the future. Only 14 of the 52 shows have stayed at or increased their scores from their week 1 levels. MAL’s a cynical place ain’t it?

League 1


So Stanlick is in first. Again. Booo. Kinksy is within a point of Stan, Nomadic Dec is a little further back. And Nan is in dead last. With absolutely no hope of escaping the pain that awaits him. That’s what happens when you start reaching for awful shows way too early. Interestingly enough, Nan also has the show that has most improved in MAL score, Tanaka. Which leaves Krakken and Fed sort of dead in the water. Unless things drastically change.

League 2


This is the most interesting league of the 3. Our top three are within 0.5 of each other (myself included, wooo!). And our bottom three are within a point of each other too, and then there’s a divide between the top and bottom. Should make things very interesting at the end of the season when the biggest changes are made. Somehow Photon has wormed his way to the top here, but hopefully Maelwys or I will stop it. Or we’ll shenanigans. Also shout out to Shade here. After his dreadful performance last season in our inaugural league, he’s doing much better this time in second to last. Improvement all the same. Maybe buy Darkfire a gift.

League 3:


And here, Rockmandash has an absolutely gigantic lead over everyone else here. C’mon guys, what were y’all doing? In any case, this one also has a fascinating battle at the bottom. Even with the highest scoring show of the season, Jon’s still sitting at the bottom. Koda and Quid aren’t that far away, so they better hope their shows improve. In the meantime, Rock can continue salivating and debating what show he will foist on one of you pathetic losers :P

So now let’s take a look at everyone together


Rock’s in first place against everyone, which again, what were you bozos in League 3 doing? And Nan is in dead last thanks to some crane games and some overlarge alien fighting angels. Congratulations. Darkfire and Shade are next to last so thank Nan that we don’t laugh and shame the hell out of you two. At this rate, maybe Shade will win a league in 2017? I kid, I kid. League 2 is the most competitive, with the closest spread amongst everyone involved. Which makes sense when you have mortal enemies Maelwys and Protonstorm dueling it out. Don’t mind me while I stealth my way past those two. I’ve said nothing about Grex, Messy or Pizza. Just uh, keep on keeping on I guess.

And well that’s that so far. We’ll probably update you once more in a few weeks before the final standings are determined. Remember boys and girls, the winners get to force the losers to watch an anime of their choice. Last season, those anime were pretty gentle: Aria the Animation, and Dog and Scissors. Shade and Dec have yet to report starting either of those shows, which will mean they get a paddling if they don’t start soon. Will this season’s winners be so lenient? We’ll have to see. Celebrate, complain and talk shit in the comments.