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The Spring anime season has begun and the ratings are coming in, which means that the first AniTAY Fantasy League update will up tomorrow! Now’s the time to get in some good old fashioned pre-game smack talk (or just talk about how you expect to do). Whether you’re participating in the league or not, feel free to hype or trash any shows you desire to.


I’ll go ahead and start with a bold claim: Proton, git rekt skrub. You’re going down in the final scoring at the end of the season. Also, Nan, I sincerely mourn for you as you will almost assuredly have to watch something terrible after the dust settles. I think I’ve got a Top 3 spot in my league in the bag for sure, but I feel like I could get the gold. As long as Proton doesn’t win it’s all good, right?

In case you need some hype motivation, have some awesome OPs from this season:……

Now, discuss!


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