For those not in the know, there is a group of us AniTAYers that have taken upon ourselves the dubious task of watching the entirety of the show Unlimited Bahamut Chronicles, something we do together every Monday. As time has passed we have come to the realization that UBC does not only rip-off an untold number of other properties, but somehow manages to do every last thing poorly, which is honestly surprising. Seriously, what are the odds of doing everything poorly? Answer for UBC: 100%. So this has got me thinking: which tropes do you think are handled poorly the most often in Japanese media?

I will defend the idea that there are no truly bad or irredeemable tropes. Though I do recognize that there are some that are rarely used well. So which ones get under your skin?

As I have previously stated, Unlimited Bahamut Chronicles does just about everything wrong and uses a number of overused and poorly-utilized tropes, so I have quite a number to choose from, but in this case I just have to go with the most obvious: the asexual lead of a harem. This is a trope you find a lot in anime, manga and light novels, and it is rarely done well. In UBC it is especially egregious, as the situations are so dumb and the MCs actions so unreasonable that the show enters a state of being so bad that making fun of the show is preempted by the show itself.

Like I said, this trope is not irredeemable, but I honestly can’t think of an example where it has been done well. Anyone?

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