AniTAY Question of the Weeb: Dropping the (Idiot) Ball

Kristof is phoning it in, and I answered the call. In honor(?) of the recent Golden Slaine Awards, this week’s question is: What’s the last thing that caused you to drop a series?

And yes, I am aware there’s a few people here that just don’t do that. For me personally, most of the shows I stop watching happen because I just sort of lose interest. The next one pops up on my feed and there’s that microennui of “do I really wanna watch that now? not really...” followed the next week by “if I am gonna watch this, I have to watch two in a row...” which then snowballs into “oh, it’s over... whatever” and throwing the series into my Wall of Shame.


The last question:

If you have any ideas for future questions of the week feel free to leave them in the comments, otherwise, see you next Friday.


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