AniTAY Podcast Season 3 Episode 5: Fall 2018 Guesses

Haven’t you heard? There’s a new season of anime that started this week! It’s really hard to look back and imagine what I thought an anime was going to be before I watched it. I always have expectations going in, but these are inevitably subverted in some way after actually watching. I imagine there are many shows that I predicted but was totally (embarrassingly, even) off the mark about.

Fortunately, we here at AniTAY have a habit of recording our follies and preserving them for future generations. Maybe you’ve already seen everything, or perhaps you haven’t even watched a single episode yet. Either way, you should probably listen to this podcast considering you’ve come this far. I’m joined this time for our fall 2018 preview by Gugsy, Requiem, Raitzeno, and TGRIP:


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If you missed our previous episode, here it is:

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