Illustration for article titled AniTAY Podcast, Season 2, Episode 7: A Look at Winter 2016

This episode, the AniTAY podcast discusses the Winter 2016 anime season by going through the list of shows on and talking about what looks good, what looks bad, and what we do and don’t already know about them. I’m joined by Chef Raitzeno, Shade, Gugsy, and Kinksy.


Intro: 0:00:00 - 0:05:34

Fall 2015 Discussion (follow the order from here): 0:05:35 - 1:11:13

Final Impressions From the Cast: 1:11:14 - 1:13:58

Storm Warning: Sorry that the header image isn’t a gif! The holidays were busy and I’m not at my regular computer for the next two days so I figured you guys would rather me post this without a cool gif header now than have to wait another few days.


If you missed episode 6, here it is:


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