The podcast makes an epic return with a double-sized cast (totally not something I came up with at the last minute), and we’ve got a lot of Fall 2016 anime to discuss!


Intro: 0:00:00-0:06:23

Izetta the Last Witch: 0:06:24-0:15:16

(Exile x Tanks: 0:11:27-0:11:33)

Girlish Number: 0:15:17-0:20:22

Yaoi on Ice: 0:20:23-0:29:19

(Exile x Tanks: 0:25:06-0:25:09)

WWW.Working!!: 0:29:19-0:37:45

(Exile x Tanks: 0:36:31-0:37:45)

Magical Girl Raising Project: 0:36:46-0:45:11

(Stan shows up: 0:43:52-0:44:23)

(Exile x Tanks: 0:44:42-0:44:49)

Kiss Him Not Me: 0:45:11-0:51:49

(Exile x Tanks: 0:51:21-0:51:49)

Touken Ranbu (For some reason): 0:51:49-0:56:27

March Comes in like a Lion: 0:56:27-1:02:10

(Exile x Tanks: 1:01:02-1:01:13)

Occultic;Nine: 1:02:10-1:09:37

Bloodivores (Sorta): 1:09:37-1:11:02

Poco’s Udon World: 1:11:02-1:18:37

Scorching Ping Pong Girls: 1:18:37-1:23:51

Keijo (rip): 1:23:51-1:32:03

Flippin’ Flappers: 1:32:03-1:38:04

Favorite Anime This Season: 1:38:04-1:42:49

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If you missed episode 13, here it is:


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