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AniTAY Podcast Season 2, Episode 12: AniTAY Expo 2016

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Big things have been happening in the world of AniTAY, as a bunch of us went to AX 2016! Because of this, we decided to do a special edition podcast episode for the occasion, so here it is! In this special episode we have myself (RockmanDash), Krakken_Unleashed, Tenshigami, and Discalibur talking about the experiences at the biggest Anime convention in North America.


(FYI, someone forgot to wear headphones so during the recording you can hear the other voices in the background at times. Sorry!)




Intro: 0:00 - 6:23
Panels: 3:27 - 25:21
Discalibur’s Experience at AX: 25:21 - 36:40
Rockmandash’s Experience at AX: 36:40 - 39:56
Krakken_Unleashed’s Experience at AX: 39:56 - 51:09
Tenshigami’s Experience at AX: 51:09 - 1:00:50
Conclusion: 1:00:50 - 1:09:28 (End)


The AniTAY Podcast is on iTunes, and you can find our feed for other devices here! Be sure to check us out!


If you missed episode 11, here it is:


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