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AniTAY Podcast S5 E6: A Season of Wonders, and Also 8th Son

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The spring 2020 anime season is upon us. Although man shows are getting delayed, quite a few have managed to wrap up production ahead of time and (as of writing) are still broadcasting on schedule. We here at AniTAY have gone to great lengths to watch all the anime we can. For the podcast. Because we care. Except for Gugsy, I think he’s just watching anime because he’s a nerd. Anyway, check out this episode to hear some of our first impressions of the new season.


This episode’s members: Protonstorm, Gugsy, Requiem, Thatsmapizza

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Intro: 0:00 - 1:00

New Articles on AniTAY: 1:01 - 5:59

Anime Delays: 6:00 - 12:28

My Hero Academia: 12:29 - 15:13

Animal Crossing: 15:14 - 19:31

Tower of God: 19:32 - 29:19

Sing Yesterday for Me: 29:20 - 34:47

Princess Connect: 34:48 - 40:01

8th Son. Are you Kidding Me?!: 40:02 - 47:05

My Next Life as a Villainess: 47:06 - 52:53

Appare Ranman: 52:54 - 58:58

Gleipnir: 58:59 - 1:05:57

Kakushigoto: 1:05:58 - 1:15:57

Wave, Listen to Me: 1:15:58 - 1:20:43

Shironeko: 1:20:44 - End

Thanks to Thatsmapizza for their work editing this episode of the podcast!

If you missed our previous episode, here it is:


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