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This week’s AniTAY podcast starts off on a slightly different note with some video game discussion before quickly devolving into the aggressive mediocrity that is most anime (according to gugsy). But are there some diamonds in the rough, and is one of them Granbelm? Only one way to find out!


This episode’s members: hybridmink, Gugsy, Requiem, Dilkokoro

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Intro: 0:00 - 0:35

Tales of Berseria: 0:36 - 6:52

Fire Emblem Three Houses: 6:53 - 12:56

Kentaro Miura: 12:57 - 17:40

We Never Learn: 17:41 - 19:24

Vinland Saga: 19:25 - 23:19

Canon Busters: 23:20 - 29:07

Danmachi Season 2: 29:08 - 32:53

Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: 32:54 - 38:49

City Hunter: 38:50 - 39:49

O Maidens in your Savage Season: 39:50 - 44:50

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts: 44:51 - 48:43

Dr. Stone: 48:44 - 56:23

Dropped Shows: 56:24 - 1:01:46

Granbelm: 1:01:47 - 1:03:23

Yu-No: 1:03:24 - 1:08:49

Outro: 1:08:50 - End

Thanks to Thatsmapizza for his help editing this episode of the podcast!

If you missed our previous episode, here it is:


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